6.1 Enrolment and module registration

Programme enrolment

Students must follow the instructions issued to them regarding enrolment and re-enrolment on their programme of study in order to be, and remain, registered for an award. Students on taught programmes must be enrolled on a University programme by the end of Week 2 (unless exceptional circumstances apply, or according to the arrangements with the partner organisation at which they are studying). For students studying on campus at Oxford Brookes, transfer onto a different degree programme may be permitted at a later stage (see point 5.3 above), provided that they are initially enrolled by the Week 2 deadline. 

Module registration

Instructions on module choice for students studying on programmes delivered by or at Oxford Brookes can be found online at Module choices.

  • New students must register their modules during their enrolment week (week 0).
  • Continuing students must register their modules during the appropriate registration period, according to when their programme starts.
  • Students who have not registered their modules by the end of the appropriate registration period will be allocated modules from the remaining choices with spaces available.

Module registration for students on programmes offered through collaborative arrangements will be managed by the partner organisation responsible for delivery of the programme, as agreed with them and set out in the Operations Manual governing the partnership arrangements. Instructions on registering for modules will be issued directly to students by the relevant teaching institution.  

Research degrees

MPhil, MPhil/PhD and PhD direct candidates may start at one of the three entry points offered during an academic year, as set out in their offer letter. Enrolment must be completed by the deadline set out in the enrolment instructions that will be issued by the Research Degrees Team. Professional doctorate candidates may enrol in September each year; and PhD by published work and Masters by Research candidates may start in either September or January each year. Compulsory modules for the Professional Doctorate programmes will be registered at enrolment, according to the year of study.

All research students must enrol at the beginning of their programme and maintain their enrolment until conferment of the degree. Details on how to do this, including the payment of enrolment fees, are set out in the Research Degrees Programme Handbook.

Make sure to register for your modules: