Trauma and Musculoskeletal Health (TraMH)

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions affect over 10 million people in the UK alone, with high social and economic impact and approximately 30 million working days lost annually.

This research theme focuses on a spectrum of topics, including:

  • diagnosis and management of sporting injuries
  • evaluation of MSK health in patients suffering from long-term conditions across the lifespan
  • prehabilitation strategies in cancer patients
  • prevention and rehabilitation techniques for sports injuries and use of virtual reality

This incorporates investigation of social, psychological and biomedical factors, necessitating an interdisciplinary approach across the group.

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Research impact

Using augmented reality for rehabilitation

The group holds regular seminars (in line with OxInAHR strategy), disseminates knowledge through research-informed teaching on Physiotherapy and other faculty programmes and hosts CPD activities with clinicians to facilitate transfer to clinical practice.


Anne Delextrat

Dr Anne Delextrat

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

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Mark Williams

Dr Mark Williams

Reader in Rehabilitation

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