Toks Hussain


Toks Hussain

Initially torn between studying politics or law it was during an interview for The Lawyer, following his attendance at a legal conference, that Toks Hussain decided that he would pursue his academic ambitions in law.

During my A-levels (Politics, Sociology and English Literature) I served as the President of the Student Committee and the President of the Debating Society, also working within the charity and sales sector. The skills I learnt then, such as how to deal with clients, would prove to be invaluable.

I also served as a Young Citizens Adviser in Lewisham Council for about two years, working closely with the young citizens of Lewisham borough, as well as the Mayor of Lewisham and other relevant parties.

It was the interesting backgrounds of the lecturers that first attracted me to a law degree at Brookes. They all excel in their fields as researchers, practitioners and academics and I think it’s important to have that mix. It helps you to understand the course practically as well as theoretically.

The lecturers have been so inspiring and helpful, particularly Andrew Kopkin (Legal Method) and Marc Howe (Criminal Evidence) because they go the extra-mile to enrich our academic experience. They are also deeply involved in extra-curricular activities. For example Andrew Kopkin was instrumental to the Law Society securing a Moot Court.

I really enjoyed the seminars because academic debates were encouraged and this was crucial for developing our legal minds. The seminar preparations and additional readings, though sometimes bulky, really helped to solidify the learning.

During my time as the President of the Law Society and also as a School of Law Student Representative I worked to enhance the social and academic experience of our members. For example, we organized a number of career seminars and our members had the opportunity to network with Barristers, Law Firm Partners and Trainees etc. We also organized prestigious Law Society Winter and Summer balls.

Brookes is a respected institution and the fact that the new and improved John Henry Brookes building recently won the RIBA architectural award is evidence of the growing prominence and prestige of Brookes.

I also enjoyed the cultural diversity of Oxford as a city, as well as its historical significance – especially in terms of the evolution of law. Besides, telling anyone you study in the city of Oxford is interesting in itself! Oxford is also a very academic location and I found this useful in maximizing my academic success.

I am interested in practicing International Law or corporate law at the bar. Perhaps I will also consider diplomacy at some stage because I am also very keen on International Relations.

My degree makes me highly attractive to employers. It gave me crucial the legal research; the advocacy and client interviewing skills developed through being active in the Law Society (from mooting for example) and from Pro Bono activities. Law at Oxford Brookes is a respected course, so a law degree from Brookes will definitely be advantageous in my career aspirations.