Researcher development

This page is for Oxford Brookes University staff. Its purpose is to explain internal processes to staff members. It was moved into its current location on the website in Autumn 2022.

Page content is being revised to reflect the move to the new Research, Innovation and Enterprise Directorate.

The university runs mandatory and optional training for new research-active academic staff and research-only staff, within the first three years of their contract, as part of its First Three Years EXPLORE@Brookes programme

The University Research & KE Training programme for research-active staff is managed by the Researcher Development Co-ordinator (Jennie Cripps), based in the Directorate of Research, Innovation & Enterprise, and overseen by the Director of Researcher Development (Professor Susan Brooks).

You don't need to be within the first three years of your contract to attend. If you are on an academic or research-only contract and feel you would benefit from any of our sessions, you are very welcome to register.