School of Social Sciences

  • Geography
  • Suggested reading

    Each module will differ in terms of the lecturer’s teaching style and what degree of independence they expect from undergraduate students. Some may provide assigned readings each week.

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    • Brooks, J. Ginge to Lockinge, Historical Walk Thematic Trails 1988
    • Cloke, P. et al. (eds) Introducing Human Geographies Arnold 2005
    • Daniels, P. et alAn Introduction to Human Geography Prentice Hall 2008
    • Elsom, D.M. Taming the Rivers of Oxford Thematic Trails 1987
    • Gold, J.R. & Revill, G. Representing the Environment Routledge 2004
    • Holden, J. Physical Geography: The Basics Routledge Publishers, UK. 2011
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