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  • Anthropological Centre for Conservation, the Environment and Development


    The Anthropological Centre for Conservation, the Environment and Development was established in 2000. Our general aim to promote anthropological research, broadly understood, in these three areas.

    ACCEND acts as an umbrella organization for the research centres and research groupings listed below. These groupings have common goals and overlapping interests, and also engage in specific research.

    ACCEND stages a series of conferences on transanthropological topics, especially at the level of methods. This interdisciplinary research, embracing social anthropology, primatology and biological anthropology is perhaps its most distinctive dimension.


    • Centralizing fieldwork, 2007; the resulting book, of the same name, was published by Berghahn in 2010.
    • Measuring and mitigating the primate trade, 2008, proceedings are published as a special issue of the journal  Endangered Species Research .
    • What is Primate Conservation?, 2010.
    • Ethics in the field, 2009, the resulting book was again published with Berghahn in 2013.
    • Social dimensions of human-wildlife conflict, 2011.
    • When darkness comes: evolution of nocturnal behaviour in humans and other primates, 2014.

    Research groups