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      Europe Japan Research Centre

  • Management Culture in England and Japan Project

    A Comparative Study of Association and Associations (business culture) in Britain and Japan

    Research Period: from 2001 to 2003

    Purpose of the Research

    To examine the world view and value system which is related to ‘association’ in the sense of human relations and ‘associations’ in the sense of organisational groups through anthropological fieldwork in Britain in comparison with some case studies in Japan.

    Britain and Japan have shared some common phenomena in organisational culture (keiei bunka) which appeared after the Industrial Revolution. Recently, the hierarchical business administration system has been considerably eroded in Japan, and a new networking system is being sought. An attempt was made to study ‘tradition’ and &x2018;community&x2019; in the Japanese business administration during the period of rapid economic growth, and it aimed to discover a new concept of ‘association and associations’ (‘shaen’). The aim of this present project is to investigate further new human relations in advanced industrial and informational societies. This will involve intensive fieldwork under the themes of business management, museums and religion. It will focus on the following places:

    • Birmingham as an industrial city: The Cadbury Company and its museum in relation with the religious influence of the Quakers
    • Stoke‐on‐Trent as a community of earthenware: The Wedgwood Company and its visitor centre and other factories and museums
    • The Cotswolds as an area largely excluded from the Industrial Revolution, but which has kept its cultural heritage and attracts tourism: Management of cultural heritage, Arts and crafts movements, Quakers

    This research will last three years and members will carry out the fieldwork in Britain, as well as pursuing written sources. At the end of the research, a symposium will be held at the Europe Japan Research Centre in Oxford Brookes University. The results will be published in English and Japanese.

    Research Members

    • Professor Hirochika Nakamaki, Head of Research Team
      Anthropology of Religion and Anthropology of Administration, National Museum of Ethnology
    • Professor Joy Hendry
      Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University
    • Dr William Kelly
      Social Anthropology, Manchester Business School
    • Dr Louella Matsunaga
      Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University
    • Dr Mitchell Sedgwick
      Social Anthropology, Oxford Brookes University
    • Professor Masahiko Sawano
      Business Administration, Kyushu International University
    • Professor Noriya Sumihara
      Cultural Anthropology and Anthropology of Administration, Tenri University
    • Professor Koichiro Hioki
      Business Administration, Kyoto University
    • Professor Kensuke Hiroyama
      History of Business Administration, Kounan University
    • Professor Izumi Mitsui
      Business Administration, Tezukayama University
    • Dr Yuko Shioji
      Cultural Anthropology, National Museum of Ethnology