Department of Social Sciences

  • International Political Theory

    This is a multi-disciplinary research group that seeks to theorise matters both pertaining to international actors as well as the nature of the international system itself. Owing to the broad interests of its constituent members, the group includes numerous areas of concern including among others; international relations and the environment, the role of international law, migration, international ethics, global political economy, international development and contemporary geopolitics.


    • Chris Hesketh
    • Stephen Hurt
    • Doerthe Rosenow
    • Daniel Bulley
    • Tina Managhan
    • Gary Browning
    • Barrie Axford
    • Molly Cochran
    • Lucy Ford
    • Pritam Singh
    • Andy Kilmister
    • Maia Pal
    • Ingrid Medby
    • Yue Ang
    • Andreas Kotsakis
    • Chris Lloyd
    • Kian Pourkermani
    • Kavi Thakore

    Meetings: Semester 1 (2017)

    • Chris Hesketh  - Territory, rights and class: The scale of environmental justice
    • Doerthe Rosenow - Democracy for whom? Decolonising the "voice" of the subaltern (non)human
    • Lucy Ford - The power of denial and the denial of power: bringing psychoanalysis into IR'

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