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  • Student Research Initiative

    The Student Research Initiative is a student run group which aims to promote learning within the university. Members are able to use the group to help create and publish academic works, engage with the wider community which surrounds their discipline and develop network connections which will endure into their professional lives.

    Our Objectives

    • Create and publish academic works from the Oxford Brookes Social Sciences student body.
    • Create opportunities for student members to network with the wider academic and professional community surrounding their discipline.
    • Help members gain recognition within their respective disciplines.
    • Create a network between students of the social sciences which endures post-graduation.

    Our Targets

    • Generate and publish two pieces of academic research before the conclusion of the academic year.
    • Host conference events featuring notable speakers.
    • Host informal get togethers between the members and discipline practitioners.

    Our Work

    The group was formed with the intention of helping students of the social sciences in three ways: allow them to create published academic work which gets students known in their respective disciplines; create a network with professionals within their discipline; and finally bring together the students of social sciences to benefit their understanding of current affairs from multiple angles.

    Many of the aims of the group have been achieved by comparable groups at the university, such as the Terrorism Research Society. This has helped members of the group gain employment and network connections within academia, political risk, and government departments. In addition, through the research group, society members have had their own research published in recognised journals such as the ​Journal of Political Risk and the ​Counter Terror Business Magazine. This is an example the research group aims to replicate with the sole difference being that it is more accessible by offering students a wider range of research directions.

    The GPES Student Research Initiative fills a gap in the student body, by being the first group of its kind (at Brookes) that brings together students of the social sciences for the benefit of the individual and collective. Individuals will benefit from publishing their work, meeting professional contacts, and learning from the perspectives of different social science disciplines. Social science students will benefit from the ability to learn from one another and network with each other; doing so may lead to additional projects and/or employment post-graduation. 

    For more information, please contact Thomas Sansom ( or Jonathan Hames (