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  • Rio 2016

    John Gold, Professor of Urban Historical Geography at Oxford Brookes and a leading authority on the history of the Olympic Games, gives answers to seven key issues at this year’s Rio Olympics.

    Why is it being held in Rio De Janeiro?

    Professor John Gold talks about the process for choosing the next olympic city, and why Rio was picked above Tokyo and Chicago for 2016.

    Is it going to be a good festival?

    There’s usually a desire in the world press to see the olympics fall flat on their face, but the festival usually brings out the best in the host city.

    Will it be ready in time?

    The Olympics are always ready on time, but it's never finished, and Rio will be no different!

    Who Benefits?

    Who will benefit from the Rio Olympics is the same as who benefits from urban development in general. The olympic park and offices will lead to positive development – but who is this benefit for?

    Is Zika a problem?

    John Gold discusses the Zika virus, and what it means for sponsorship and economics.

    What will the legacy be?

    Legacy has become the touchstone of what people expect from the olympics, and legacy can mean almost anything.

    What about the water?

    There are issues with water quality in Rio, but the city has been tackling these and preparing for the olympic sailing events.