Identifying Best Practice in Academic Induction


The Identifying Best Practice in Academic Induction strand of PESE2: Inclusive Multi-Modal Learning Environment (2015 - 2017) was challenged to determine the nature and content of academic induction across the institution with the aim of enhancing the initial student experience through an inclusive academic induction programme.

The project investigated the merits of earlier academic intervention to support students’ needs and explored whether or not dedicated skills induction for students early on in their degree programme would benefit student attainment in the longer term.

It also wanted to understand if academic induction encourages a more inclusive learning approach which enables a strong cohort identity to develop and flourish.

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email Hellen Barton:

We are particularly interested in examples of good practice from colleagues developing academic induction.


The project ran a conference at Brookes in January 2017, where staff from across the University presented examples of academic induction in their particular subject areas. See below for details of the workshops and downloadable presentations.