Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Equality diversity and inclusion statement

Oxford Brookes University has adopted equality, diversity and inclusion as core values and places all its policy development in the context of the objectives of:

  • ensuring that all individuals who come into contact with the University, whether as employees, students or in other capacities, are treated with dignity and respect,
  • ensuring that the opportunities the University provides for learning, personal development and employment are made available on a non-discriminatory basis,
  • providing a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors.

The University seeks through all its policies and actions to be a genuinely inclusive organisation, and draws for this on good practice throughout the Higher Education sector and in the wider economy. The objective is to integrate the principles of equal treatment and promotion of diversity into all aspects of the University’s day-to-day life.

Defining equality, diversity and inclusion

Equal treatment involves much more than simply treating everyone alike; it requires a recognition that some groups and individuals have particular and specific needs that need to be met if they are to enjoy equal access to the services offered by the University. We recognise that the University may need to provide its services in a range of different or more flexible ways, in order to ensure genuine equality of access or opportunity for groups and individuals who approach those services from a position of persistent and longstanding disadvantage.

Valuing diversity involves an acknowledgement of the benefits and intrinsic worth derived from the range of difference within our community, and fostering it as a strength. We aim to celebrate and to value the differences between individuals’ cultural, social and intellectual contribution to the University and will seek to promote greater mutual understanding between groups and individuals who reflect these differences, and will seek to utilise the talents and experiences that each and every individual can bring to the institution.

Inclusion involves the University and its staff in designing and operating flexible services, practices and procedures that take appropriate account of the needs of students, staff and visitors. For example all aspects of the University experience must be accessible to people with the range of disabilities that are found in large higher education institutions.