Why the 4Cs matter in digitally enabled teaching and learning

Coherence, consistency, choice, and community.

The Oxford Brookes Framework for Digitally Enabled Programmes identifies these four features as central to the delivery of an inclusive and accessible programme/module. This guide summarises the case for each feature.

Why would a teacher use this approach/tool, and link to the 4C features

A programme or module leader would want to consider the four features of coherence, consistency, choice and community (the 4Cs) as part of:

  1. Developing or reviewing a Student Study Plan
  2. Reviewing a Programme Study Map
  3. Designing Units of Study and individual sessions/learning activities.

Good practices that deliver the 4Cs can be found in the Programme Requirements and Module Requirements Checklists.

How to use this approach/tool

Inclusivity and Accessibility review

The 4Cs are critical to ensuring inclusive and accessible programmes.


  • Jonathan Louw