Courses with specific accommodation

Some students on certain courses will require specific types of accommodation. Please check below for information relating to these courses.

If you are studying a full-time course not mentioned below, please return to the prospective student halls page.

Nursing and Midwifery

The following healthcare courses have different semester dates to other courses:

  • Nursing (Adult) Degree and Diploma
  • Nursing (Children's) Degree (pre-registration only)
  • Nursing (Mental Health) Degree (pre-registration only) and Diploma
  • Midwifery (pre-registration only)

For students on these courses we offer a specific selection of recommended halls with longer contract lengths. This means that if you’re a healthcare student on a course above, you will be living with other students on similar courses. All healthcare contracts will start on 14 September 2024 however the end dates will vary.

As with other courses, you will need to await your invitation email from us, and apply online using the Accommodation Portal. Please see the main how to apply page for more details.

Paramedic Science

Paramedic Science students are required to have use of a car for placements. As cars are not permitted in halls, these students usually live in shared houses.

Brookes Lettings offer university-managed housing specifically for Paramedic Science Students. We have selected properties in suitable areas located around our campuses (Marston, Wheatley, Cowley and Headington). Contracts will be between 46 and 50 week with rent depending on the property On average, rent for a room in shared housing is approximately £140 per week, excluding bills.

Once applications open and you have a confirmed place on the course, you will be advised to email us at in order to be added to our waiting list.

The process follows a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have enough paramedic students to fill a house we will arrange a viewing, usually in June. The group viewing will allow you to meet the other students who you will be living with, assuming they accept the house offered. Unfortunately, due to the limited accommodation available, if you decline the house we cannot always offer an alternative.

PGCE and BA Primary Courses

Our PGCE and BA Primary Teacher Education courses are based on the Harcourt Hill Campus and often require students to bring cars. For this reason we have specific contracts for these students.

BA Primary Teacher Education - you will apply for Harcourt Hill Hall N Block and Westminster Hall. Both contracts are now 38 weeks as this course has changed its course length to fit with the majority of Undergraduate Courses.

Our PGCE courses also have different semester dates which can be accommodated in Westminster Hall:

PGCE Primary EducationWestminster Hall. 44 week contract from 9 September 2024 to 11 July 2025.

PGCE Post Compulsory - Westminster Hall. 41 week contract from 16 September 2024 to 27 June 2025.

Art Foundation

Our Art and Design Foundation course has different semester dates to other courses. We have two halls available offering extended contracts for these students. Contracts will begin on the weekend of 31 August (TBC) and you will be living with others on your course.

As with other courses, you will need to await your invitation email from us, and apply online using the Accommodation Portal. Please see the main how to apply page for more details.

Courses at Partner Colleges

Students studying at a partnership college in or around Oxford will be invited to apply for halls accommodation. Please see the main how to apply page for more details.

Depending on the location and length of your course, halls may not be suitable for you. Students living in halls are also not permitted to have car in Oxford which may impact your decision if you require a car to reach to your college.

If you are unsure if halls accommodation will work for you, please check the practical arrangements with your college and then contact us to discuss your options.

If you would prefer to look into shared housing then we advise looking at options via Brookes Lettings

Courses based in Swindon

Due to increased demand, Brookes Lettings are continuing to offer a property in Swindon for the 2024/25 academic year.

Interested applicants and students studying at Oxford Brookes (Swindon Campus) can contact or call +44 (0) 1865 534444 (option 3 then option 2) for more information.