Oxford Brookes offers accommodation for new and existing full-time students who wish to live in our halls and shared houses.

Unfortunately, part-time students are not eligible to live in university-managed or partnership accommodation.

Oxford Brookes University's Halls of Residence and Accommodation Services comply with The Student Accommodation Code of Practice. Further information on the code can be found on the SAC Website.

Halls of residence

Starting in September

Our guarantee

We guarantee that all full-time first-year students who choose Oxford Brookes as either their firm or insurance choice will be offered accommodation as long as they apply by the deadline and meet the academic criteria for their offer. For full details on our guarantees please take a look at our allocation policy.

September 2023 application and allocation dates and deadlines

AllocationDeadline for applyingDeadline for your offer to be unconditionalAllocation results released
Firm applicants with early unconditional offers9 July 20239 July 202312 July 2023
Firm applicants with
conditional offers
31 July 202316 August 2023*17 August 2023
Insurance, clearing and late firm applicantsPlease contact if you have not yet applied.Your offer must be unconditional before we can allocate accommodation.We will contact you as soon as we have accommodation available to offer you.
*don't worry if you don't get your results until the 17th, the university receives results in advance.

Please note: there is a possibility that these dates could be revised. If so, we will update the information available to students well in advance of the new deadlines.

 News Students looking for accommodation later in the year can contact us for availability - contracts starting later will be shorter than those advertised as end dates are fixed.

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Starting in January

Accommodation for students starting in January is dependent on availability. Whilst we always have rooms available, it is not possible for us to guarantee accommodation to students starting in January. We will do our best to assist as many applicants as possible.

January 2023 application and allocation dates and deadlines

AllocationDeadline for applyingDeadline for your offer to be unconditionalAllocation results released
First January allocation23 November 202223 November 202225 November 2022
Second January allocation12 December 202212 December 202214 December 2022

International and exchange students

All exchange and study abroad students need to apply for accommodation whether they are in Oxford for one or two semesters.

After students have been accepted to Oxford Brookes, they will be sent an email by the Accommodation Bureau with details of how to apply online and the deadline for doing so.

Disabilities and medical conditions

We provide accommodation to support students with medical conditions and disabilities. If you need a specific type of accommodation, you must tell us when you apply and send us supporting medical evidence.

If you have a physical or mental health condition that could be affected or triggered by sharing living space with others please seek appropriate advice before accepting an online accommodation contract. Students living in university accommodation come from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and have a host of differing lifestyles which may not be compatible with your needs. For advice on which accommodation might best fit your needs please contact the Accommodation Bureau or the Inclusive Support Team at any time before confirming a booking.

Your supporting evidence should be a letter which explains your condition. It needs to be written in English by a certified medical practitioner. This letter should state:

  • how this condition affects the way you live
  • why your condition is best supported in a specific type of accommodation

It is essential that you provide this information with your initial application so that we can find you a suitable room. We may be unable to consider any information supplied at a later date.

You do not need to let us know about other medical conditions, such as dyslexia, which do not require a specific type of accommodation.

We may need to liaise with our colleagues in the university’s Inclusive Support Service to ensure we offer you appropriate accommodation. Please be aware that this means we will need to share your data with them.

Please be aware that once you have confirmed an online accommodation contract, there is no automatic right to leave the contract early therefore we strongly recommend getting advice if you are unsure.

Studio flats and family flats

A number of our halls of residence offer private flats for single students, couples or families.

This type of accommodation is not guaranteed and is booked on a first come, first served basis once students have an unconditional offer.

Please be aware that any partner who lives with a student will not be able to keep a car with them while living in university accommodation. Students living in studio flats or family flats will be eligible for BROOKESbus passes, but partners and/or children will not be eligible for free travel.

Students under 18 years old

Students who are under 18 who apply for accommodation will be asked to apply for three of the following halls in order of preference:

This is because staff in these halls are appropriately trained to look after students aged under 18. 

A student will be classified as under 18 if they are still aged under 18 by 30 September in the year in which they enrol at Oxford Brookes.

Estranged and care experienced students

We have extra support available for students who are care experienced or are estranged from their family. This includes a bursary (subject to eligibility criteria) and a 52-week guarantee of accommodation.

Mature students

Undergraduate students who are aged 21+ will be classified as mature students. When applying for accommodation, you will have the standard undergraduate hall options with the addition of also being able to apply for the Clive Booth Postgraduate Centre (38 weeks) if you wish to do so.

Where possible, mature undergraduate students will be allocated with Postgraduate students if you select CBPG, Crescent and Westminster in your application (please be aware that this is not guaranteed). If you would prefer to be allocated with other first year undergraduates instead then please let us know by email once you have applied or include it in the 'medical' section of the application where it allows you to add notes.

Initial fees and rent payments

For University-managed and A2Dominion halls, your first payment will be your first rent charge. For University managed halls this will be in early October; for A2Dominion Halls this will be 1 September. 

Cheney Student Village requires a separate £200 damage deposit and Parade Green requires a £250 advance payment. Please check the terms and conditions page for further details. 

More information on accommodation payments is available on our Accommodation Fees webpage. If you have difficulty making a payment please contact us as soon as possible.

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