Academic language consultations

For postgraduates or final year undergraduate students

Postgraduate students and students in the final year of their undergraduate degree at Brookes need to be able to convey quite complex ideas in a way that is clear and follows appropriate conventions of academic style. With this in mind, we offer those students academic language consultations.

If you are a postgraduate or final year undergraduate student, you can use the form below to submit a sample of your writing (up to 1,000 words) and a few days later you will receive some feedback on your submission. The tutors who look at your work are experts in academic writing; they won’t proofread your work but they will give you detailed advice on strategies to improve your writing and may also signpost you towards resources, events and courses you might find useful. You can normally expect to receive feedback within seven days of submitting this form. 

Frequently asked questions

Will you proofread my work?

No, we will identify areas where you may need development and help you find ways of addressing your needs.

How will I receive feedback?

We will share an annotated Google Doc with you. The feedback will highlight any problems with accuracy or style and make recommendations of areas that you should prioritise for future development.

Can I speak to someone about my work?

If, after having read your feedback, you have questions about the next steps we can arrange a follow up tutorial with you.

Can you tell me if my assignment will pass?

No, we can tell you if your meaning is unclear or use of English will interfere with the reader's understanding of the text. We aren't able to comment on the subject content or whether your work is of sufficient quality to pass an assessment.