• Grammar is more than just a set of rules to follow when constructing sentences; it is an agreed code and structure for writing that helps us communicate ideas clearly to avoid misunderstanding. Clear and accurate communication is needed when writing about complex ideas in our academic work.

    Our top tips

    Know the basics

    When should I use an apostrophe? Having a good overview of the main points of grammar is very useful. English may be your first language but you might not have been taught grammar formally at school.

    Test yourself

    Identify your common errors and practice applying the main grammatical rules. This guide has clear explanations of common confusions and short multiple choice questions to test yourself.

    Grammar checker

    Grammar checkers are useful if they show why something is incorrect and what the right version is. It is harder to automate grammar checking as it often doesn’t take into account our own personal writing style. Grammarly is a decent online checker.

    Academic writing

    Correct grammar is a part of appropriately formal academic writing. See our page on Academic Writing for more:

    Academic English

    If you would like to develop your use of English further, see our Academic English courses and our page on English Language.