Our approach to AI

Embrace and adapt

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that uses AI to create new content, such as writing, images, music or computer codes. It is having a profound impact on many areas of life, including education, and the technology is advancing all the time.

Everyone at Oxford Brookes University, whether students or staff, needs to take time to understand AI to ensure that we can use the new technology effectively and ethically, maintaining standards of academic integrity whilst also being open to the possibilities that AI offers to help us reach our full potential.

At Oxford Brookes, there are numerous resources to help you do that, which you can explore through the links below.


Friday 19 April, 1.00pm

All staff and students are welcome to the latest in a series of talking teaching webinars on Generative AI and its uses in university life. 

On this occasion, students will be sharing their experiences of AI at Oxford Brookes. They will share their thoughts on whether they see the technology as an opportunity or a threat, and whether it is a tool to make us think or something that thinks for us. The session will explore ethics, inclusivity and students' ideas on what the implications of Generative AI are for the future of university assessment.