Zoom for learning

Zoom is a video conferencing platform used at Brookes for online teaching. You might participate in lectures or seminar-style Zoom meetings with your class, or watch recorded Zoom meetings in your own time. Zoom is used because it has features such as ‘breakout rooms’ to divide classes into small groups that make it suitable for interactive online learning.

Scroll down for our recommended strategies and resources.

Familiarise yourself with the main features

Getting a basic familiarity with Zoom in advance will help you feel less rushed on the day and make your classes and meetings go smoothly. See Brookes’ quick start guide for an overview of how to register and download Zoom, plus the main Zoom features like where to find the video controls and the chat box.

Good study principles still apply

Although learning via Zoom can seem different or daunting at times, it helps to remember that many of the good principles of studying still apply in these situations. Preparation beforehand, having an aim or idea of what you want to find out, and doing active things like taking notes all help with understanding and concentration whether in person or on Zoom. See our guides below for strategies to help and tips to apply when learning online.

Taking part

Lecturers say that it is tough to teach when they can’t see how the audience is responding, even if everyone is interested and listening. A few supportive comments or questions in the chat box, or using the thumbs up icon can make a difference. The real value of online learning is in interaction and through being an active learner. See our guide for more on the good principles of online communication.