Enhance your career prospects

A postgraduate degree expands your possibilities, whether you are building directly on an undergraduate degree, or studying a new subject with a specific career in mind. Some of our graduates talk about the opportunities they seized to build their skills and experience during their time at Oxford Brookes, and how it’s helping them to develop their careers.

“In 2022, 78.3% of postgraduates in the UK were in high-skilled employment, compared to 66.3% of undergraduates, and 23.6% on non-graduates.”

Graduate Labour Market Statistics, 2022

Forging a career in International Business Management and Finance

Pursuing an MSc in International Business Management and Finance at Oxford Brookes, Meline shares valuable advice for those considering postgraduate study.

Having experienced a transformative undergraduate education at Oxford Brookes, Meline found herself drawn to stay on for her Master's degree: “I decided to stay at Brookes as I had an amazing experience and they were offering a MSc that remained broad, and incorporated my passion for finance”.

Meline had the chance to put her skills into practice when she secured a work placement in Paris. Assigned as a Business Development Representative in a prestigious consulting firm, she thrived in the dynamic corporate environment: “ My placement tutor made sure everything was going alright and she helped me speak out more to my managers to help me evolve in my role within the company.  I learnt so much about consulting, sales development, management, and about the corporate environment in general.”

“My careers tutor always supported me throughout my placement. It was the best experience ever.”

Meline Gueguen, MSc International Business Management

Meline smiling into the camera

Inspiring the next generation

Yukari So, pursuing a Master's in Education while specialising in the study of Japan, seeks to transition from a numerical and data-focused career to teaching.

Preferring to start her career in the UK, she emphasises the valuable support from her tutors: “What I was surprised at the most were the tutors, they don’t only help me with the academics, they actually give me a lot of advice on how to make the most out of my student life here and that’s how I got to start my volunteering work at this charity called Jacari.”

Encouraged by her tutors, Yukari volunteers at Jacari, tutoring English to migrant students in primary schools, a contrast to her past teaching roles in Japan. Despite the linguistic challenges of working with students from diverse backgrounds, Yukari finds the experience rewarding, as it allows her to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world context: “ I now have context for what I'm learning. I’m there as a teacher but I’m actually learning a lot from the pupils and school environment.”

“Getting work experience is so worthwhile because I get to put theories into practice.”

Yukari So, MSc Education (TESOL)

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Building a professional portfolio

Yan Wai Kwong from Hong Kong, pursuing an MSc in Physiotherapy, shares insights into her diverse placement experiences.

“I've had three placements so far! I got an observational placement in a neurology rehabilitation in Oxford Centre for Enablement, I arranged one in Hong Kong where I've worked with a musculoskeletal clinic and at the John Radcliffe Hospital under the vascular team”

Her initial placement involved an observational role at the Oxford Centre for Enablement's neurology rehabilitation unit in Oxford. Yan worked closely with stroke and brain injury patients, assisting in their recovery process. Describing the experience, she notes, "I played a crucial role in helping patients recover from injuries or strokes, witnessing firsthand the impact of rehabilitation on their lives."

Yan returned to Hong Kong and organised a placement in a musculoskeletal clinic. Here, she encountered a spectrum of muscular and skeletal issues, providing her with a comprehensive perspective on various conditions. 

The most recent placement took Yan to the John Radcliffe Hospital, where she worked with the vascular team. Engaging in the rehabilitation of individuals undergoing amputations or vascular surgeries, she states, "Our goal was to assist them in regaining strength and confidence, ensuring a safe transition back home post-surgery."

Beyond her placements, Yan has actively sought additional opportunities: "I'm a student ambassador and a part of the Physiotherapy society, which has been fantastic. The committee organises various activities that are not only insightful, but also promote social interaction within the physiotherapy program.”

Student in Oxford city at night