Your career: new direction

Are you looking for a new challenge and a change of career? Do you have an interest or passion that could open doors to a different pathway?

Getting a Master's degree can equip you with the skills, knowledge, and connections you need to switch things up. It can be the launching pad for new possibilities and increased job happiness.

Level up your skillset

Milan Williams make the pivotal decision to switch into the dynamic field of Marketing Communications for his postgraduate studies.

Reflecting on this decision, Milan notes, "I took a marketing module in my previous undergraduate degree and really enjoyed it. It's also a profession you can use in any sector which makes it extremely attractive.”

The transition into marketing challenged Milan, who had limited prior knowledge of marketing concepts and theories. Milan shares, "It challenged me in the best way, as I was unsure how to practically apply marketing concepts. This experience not only provided me with the skills I needed, but also mapped out my career journey in front of me- I felt really motivated.”

“I learned how to think as a marketer, and think about how the things I do bring value. Marketing is not just about promoting products; it's about making a meaningful impact in people's lives.”

Milan Williams, MSc Marketing Communications Management

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Finding your calling

Luthfa embarked on a transformative journey to the UK, specifically choosing Oxford Brookes for her studies.

Reflecting on her decision, Luthfa shares, "Midwifery was something that I chose for myself, it was something I really wanted to do." Her passion ignited four years ago, and despite exploring options in her home countries, the course wasn't available. Undeterred, Luthfa applied to Oxford Brookes: “The interview was really smooth, they were very welcoming, and I was the only international student that had an interview that day," she recalls.

Midwifery isn't just a career choice for Luthfa; it's a calling. The practical exposure during placements is deeply rewarding, knowing she's making a tangible impact. "All the practical exposure that I'm getting during placement is really rewarding to see that you're doing something that's actually making a change, helping someone, so when I go to sleep at night, I feel content and worthy of what I'm doing on a daily basis."

“Midwifery was something that I chose for myself, it wasn't a course I chose just to create my career; it was something I really wanted to do." ”

Luthfa Khalid, MSc Midwifery

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New career opportunities

Josh Eales, pursuing an MPhil/ PHD in Applied Coaching Science, shares insights into his work experience.

Having experienced a transformative undergraduate education at Oxford Brookes, Josh found himself drawn to stay on for his Master's degree.

Josh credits much of his academic and professional growth to the meaningful relationships he has cultivated with his supervisors: “I’ve formed great relationships with my supervisors, who have given me a lot of knowledge to take take and apply to the real world. There’s a balance between studying and applying that knowledge to the real world – it’s something that I thrive for and really enjoy. "

Having served as a Research Assistant for the Premier League, Josh highlights the transformative impact of his academic pursuits: “I’ve been able to progress as a practitioner in the field. This course has enabled me to work with one of the leading sports leagues in the world. Without that opportunity here at Brookes, that wouldn’t have been possible for me."

“I decided to study postgraduate level because it was the next step I needed in my career, not only as an academic but as a practitioner as well.”

Josh Eales, MPhil/ PHD in Applied Coaching Science

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Where next?

And if you’re unsure where you want to go next, our tutors and careers advisers can give you plenty of advice and guidance.