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Oxford Brookes University is the perfect place to study an undergraduate degree.

An Oxford Brookes degree is not just an inspirational learning experience, it will also help you become internationally employable. From real-life projects and work experience to transferable skills, we give you everything you need to help you pursue your chosen career path.

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What our students say

Business and Management student Sufyan Habeeb Hussain realised he wanted to make a positive change in business after he saw his father lose his job during the economic recession of 2008. 

The BA (Hons) Business and Management course at Oxford Brookes University appealed to Sufyan as it was one of the few in the UK that had a January intake. This gave him time to make sure that this course was the right one for him.

As well as finding the lecturers really approachable, he found Oxford Brookes offered lots of opportunities through its jobs fairs and societies. By joining the Business Society and the Indian Society, Sufyan got to meet like minded people, as well as those from the same culture as him. This really helped him settle into life in Oxford.

About Bachelor's degrees

In the UK, undergraduate study leads to a first degree, called a bachelor's degree. Bachelor qualifications can include BA (Arts), BEng (Engineering), BSc (Science), BmedSc (Medical Science) and LLB (Law).

Bachelor degrees usually last three years, or four years with a work placement.

Bachelor's degrees can be either single honours or combined honours. A single honour degree focuses on one subject area, while combined honours involves studying two subjects equally, or specialising in one subject and taking fewer modules in the other.