• In addition to the bus travel discounts obtained via the Oxford Brookes University photo ID, Oxford Brookes University staff and students can apply for a BROOKESkey.

    The BROOKESkey is travel card that will allow discounted travel on Oxford Bus Company buses operating in the Oxford City Zone, as well as coaches between Oxford and London.

    BROOKESkey holders can purchase discounted travel products through their online BROOKESkey account. These are then uploaded to their card and can then be redeemed on the on-board bus card readers.

    Free inclusive travel on the BROOKESbuses: Students who are eligible for the inclusive travel pass will need to apply for a BROOKESkey so the pass can be uploaded to the card. During the start of semesters, eligible students will be able to collect a temporary free travel pass from Transports services or their Halls of accommodation. Please see the Inclusive Travel Pass section below for eligibility criteria.

    Please note: After enrollment, students who have applied with a non-Oxford Brookes email address, will need to log into their BROOKESkey account and update their address contact with their BROOKES email address and student number. Students starting a new course or changing courses, will need to update their BROOKESkey account with their new student details.

    BROOKESkeys for students are only valid for the duration of their course or until the expiry date on the back of the card, depending on which ends first.

  • BROOKESkey Offers

    BROOKESkey holders can benefit from the following offers:

    • Discounted trips on BROOKESbus, Oxford Bus Company, Thames Travel and buses within Oxford's cityzone
    • £10 period return tickets to London on the X90
    • £21 period return tickets to Heathrow 
    • £29 period return tickets to Gatwick  

    All tickets must be purchased in advance. 

    In addition to these great offers, most students will also be eligible for an Inclusive Travel Pass that allows them to travel for free on all BROOKESbuses (£1 supplementary fare will be required for NU1 and NU5 night services).

    Check the eligibility criteria below to see if you are eligible for this pass.

  • You can apply for a BROOKESkey by visiting the BROOKESkey website and filling in the online form. You will need to upload a digital, passport style photo of yourself as part of the application process.

    Once the application has been sent, it takes around 5 working days for the BROOKESkey to be sent to the Transport Desk. (Please note: it can take significantly longer for BROOKESkeys to arrive during the September/October and January/February intake periods).

    You can check the progress of your BROOKESkey by logging into your BROOKESkey account. The Oxford Bus Company will email you once your Brookes key has been created, they will then send it to The Transport desk at Oxford Brookes University.

    Once the BROOKESkey arrives at the Transport Desk, an email will be sent to your Brookes email address with details of how / when to collect your BROOKESkey. If you haven't received an email after two weeks, or you have trouble with your application, please get in touch with us.

    In addition to a free BROOKESkey, some students are eligible for an Inclusive Travel Pass that allows them to travel for free on BROOKESbuses.

    To be eligible for an Inclusive Travel Pass you must be either:

    • Staying in a Hall of Residence, or
    • On a £9,000/year Undergraduate course that is not funded by the NHS, or
    • On a Pathways course / EU Associate / Study Abroad Scheme lasting 1 year or more, or
    • On a PGCE course

    Please be aware that Inclusive Travel Passes are not valid during placement duration (unless you meet the criteria above). 

    The Inclusive Travel Pass is only valid on Brookes buses, any placement travel which is required outside of these routes is not covered by inclusive travel scheme. 

    Travel costs to and from the placement are the responsibility of the student, please refer to: Travel costs to and from the placement statement for pre-qualification students on placement.

    For further travel information see: Transport statement for pre-qualification students on placement.

    Inclusive passes are valid for one academic year (September to August) and are renewed each year, so long as one of the eligibility criteria is met.

    If you are unsure whether you qualify for an Inclusive Travel Pass, please get in touch with the Transport team.

    Passes can be purchased online through your BROOKESkey account, at the Oxford Brookes Transport Desk, or at an Oxford Bus Company travel shop.

    Scan your BROOKESkey on the reader when you board the bus if you are:

    • Traveling on a BROOKESbus using the Inclusive Travel Pass
    • Travelling on a BROOKESbus using an Annual / Semester / Summer pass
    • Travelling on a BROOKESbus/Oxford Bus Company/Thames Valley bus using a pre-paid trip
    • Travelling on an X90 / Gatwick / Heathrow coach using a pre-paid return trip
    If a BROOKESkey is lost, stolen or damaged, you can cancel and replace it at an Oxford Bus Company travel shop. You will need your staff / student ID card and a replacement charge is applicable.


    Conditions of Carriage apply to all Brookesbus services that Oxford Brookesbus Company (OBC) operates in partnership with Oxford Brookes University (OBU).

    Please see OBC’s website for their full terms and conditions:

    Brookesbus: Your Conduct

    Oxford Brookes and Oxford Brookesbus Company in partnership are keen to encourage people to experience and use public transport as an effective and pleasant means of travel; therefore we believe that bus customers should follow some basic rules for the benefit of all.

    Please consider others travelling and, if you do not follow these points, you may not be allowed to travel or, if you are already travelling, you may even be asked to leave the vehicle.

    For Oxford Brookes Students details will be given from OBC CCTV and Brookeskey information to OBU for further action if necessary.

    For more information please see the related document: Brookesbus Conditions of Carriage.