• For people living within a mile or so of Brookes, walking to campus is an option well worth considering. Exercise at the start and end of the day will wake you up in the morning and relax you at night. It is now well documented that walking is one of the best ways of improving health and fitness as well as reducing stress levels.

    Walking in our local environment is the most basic form of exercise involving no special equipment, no cost and open to all. Not only is the physical health addressed but the wellbeing of each person is promoted by improving the health of both the environment and the community. 

    Health walk

    If you feel unready to do this, why not try the Brookes Health Walks.

    These are pleasant, short routes through attractive surroundings close to all three campuses. They are designed to take about 40 minutes, depending on your speed.

    PDFs are available for all Brookes Health walks:

    Further details on the Health walks and keeping active can be found exercising outdoors section of the Brookes sports webpages.

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