Brookes Sport Culture Review

We are committed to building an inclusive and supportive environment at Oxford Brookes. As part of this, an independent review of behaviour and culture within Brookes Sport was commissioned by the University in 2021.

This was commissioned to ensure that policies and practices within Brookes Sport - including all clubs - promote the culture, behaviours and values the University expects of its students.

The independent review was conducted by British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) and the full report is available to download. The review process included workshops with staff, students, sports club members and coaches, and an online survey which was shared with all students at the University.

There have been instances in the past where behaviour has not been of the standard we would expect. Change is required and we are committed to making all of the necessary improvements to culture within Brookes Sport.

In response to the review’s recommendations, the University has produced a comprehensive action plan which Brookes Sport, in partnership with staff across the University, is now taking forward.

A group has also been established to provide oversight and ensure the action plan is delivered effectively. It will take time to make all of the necessary improvements to culture within Brookes Sport, but as a University we are committed to ensuring this happens.