Equal opportunities

Oxford Brookes University is committed to promoting access for all who can benefit, including those for whom higher education has traditionally not been accessible.

The University encourages equal opportunities by:

  • creating a diverse learning environment where individual characteristics are recognised and valued
  • eliminating unfair discrimination in recruitment and admission processes
  • using fair selection criteria for admission to its courses, based on merit, qualification, experience and potential
  • being sensitive to the needs of individuals. Students can expect the way courses are organised, delivered and examined to take account the needs of those with caring responsibilities, disabilities or cultural and religious commitments. Where it is not possible to organise part of a course in such a way that a student can participate fully, consideration will be given to the provision of alternative learning methods
  • providing pre-admission advice and information for disabled students, and offering continued support after admission.

If you have a disability, you are encouraged to make contact with Student Services as soon as possible to ensure that appropriate provision can be made.

Inclusive and supportive environment

Oxford Brookes promotes an inclusive and supportive environment, which enables all members of the University to reach their potential and celebrate their diversity. We embrace the spirit of all equalities legislation and related codes of conduct; we are committed to tackling all forms of unfair discrimination and to developing policies and practices to ensure these objectives.

We welcome applications from those with non-standard qualifications and each case will be considered on its merits. Mature students are encouraged to apply to the university and further information is available from Student Services.

Access and Participation Plan

As part of our registration with the Office for Students, Oxford Brookes has submitted an Access and Participation Plan. These plans set out how higher education providers will improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented groups to access, succeed in and progress from higher education. See the:

Transparency data - applications, offers, acceptances, registrations and degree awards

See details of applications, offers, acceptances, registrations and degree awards for Undergraduate students at the University. This includes information about gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background.

Find out more

  • Brookes Charter
    See our detailed list of expectations for equal opportunities on the Brookes Charter web pages.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
    At Oxford Brookes, we are committed to ensuring the very best staff/student experience where all our community can flourish in a culture of respect and support, where we celebrate difference and thrive on each other's success.