Adults courses and sessions

Become part of the fasting growing sport in the UK with Brookes Climb. From novice courses to personal coaching and beyond within our dedicated climbing facility has a mixture of ropes, bouldering and training facilities.

Adult novice climbing course

Within the ideal conditions of the indoors beginners can experience the challenge of climbing for the first time, learning the basic skills on our bouldering wall.

Monday evenings 6:00pm-8:00pm. Our four week novice course is run over a calendar month and is the most cost effective way to get started. Qualified instructors with all safety equipment provide guidance and tuition through this eight-hour course. Our novice course will introduce you to rope work, rock climbing techniques, safe fitting and use of equipment.

Lead climbing course

This course, is designed to allow any bottom rope climber to safely progress to the sharp end of the rope. Leading is potentially dangerous so during this course our instructors will ensure you gain best practice techniques for sport leading.

Lead course are bespoke, please email for more information. 

Refresher lessons

If you’re returning to climbing after a break and would like to be supervised and checked over then you can book an instructor for one hour session just to guide you back into the sport, or to go over a specific topic with you.

Private lessons/Personal coaching

Ideal as a treat or gift small group sessions or 1:1 lessons can allow you to progress much faster toward you goal of safe independence climbing indoors, our lessons will move you at your own pace, in your own direction.

Please email for more information. 

Adult Bouldering Clinic

Mondays 8:00pm-9:30pm. This clinic the basic fundamentals of movement and technique for bouldering. 

You can book this here

Coaching Masterclass

Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm. Fundamentals of movement, mindset training for roped climbing and falling, understanding your own training and progress, body and hand positioning, endurance, strength training, finger strength, and more.

Man on the climbing wall