• EiE

    EiE (the Environmental Information Exchange) is a not-for-profit organisation based at Oxford Brookes University providing UK organisations with support to reduce their energy, water, and waste.

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    We provide a wide range of practical information, actions, and support to help organisations understand and implement efficiency actions. From reducing environmental impacts to audits to workshops to saving money, we hope to help users take action now.

    Our aim is to reduce environmental impacts from energy, water, and waste to mitigate the causes of climate change by helping our clients implement best practice solutions. Our expertise comes from two decades of providing support to UK organisations from offices to schools to charities to community buildings to manufacturers and retail businesses. We provide consultancy such as site assessments, implementation support, and staff training. EiE values providing independent advice and does not endorse particular brands.

    Our goal is a truly sustainable zero carbon society with efficient organisations at its heart.