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    We are passionate about improving language skills in the UK to meet the challenge of globalisation. We provide a wide range of foreign language classes for University students and members of the public.

    Learning a language is:

    • Challenging but rewarding
    • Good for employability or personal development
    • An opportunity to engage in another culture

    We provide language courses in:

    • French (A1 to B2)
    • Spanish (A1 to B2)
    • German (A1 to B1)
    • Japanese (Beginners to 3A)
    • Mandarin (1A to 1B)

    Which language level am I?

    We use the Common European Framework system to assess language competency in French, Spanish and German.  If you are interested in one of these languages and are not sure which language level to choose, we advise you to take the online placement test available below. The test has a score guide at the end which will indicate which level would be best for you. 

    If you are interested in Japanese or Mandarin Chinese and are not sure which level to choose, please contact us at and include some information about your previous experience of the language.
    Placement tests

    French Spanish German

    Am I entitled to a fee waiver?

    The free language module is only available to students enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme of study at Oxford Brookes University (excluding partner colleges). You can take one free language module per year if you are a full-time UG or PG student OR one free language module every two years if you are a part-time student whatever course you are studying here at Brookes which can be taken as a credit on your course. This is subject to availability and individual programme requirements. Please note many classes are very popular and class numbers are limited so places are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

    Warning: These are credit-bearing modules which will form part of your degree credits, including GPA.

    How do I enrol?

    Before you enrol, please check that the language module you wish to take does not clash with any lectures or seminars on your timetable.

    Undergraduate students

    Students enrolled on the undergraduate programmes can take one or more language modules on offer as part of their programme in Stage 1 or Stage 2, subject to availability.  

    New students: see your student support coordinator in week 0 if you need help adding the module to your PIP. 

    Existing students: a language module can be added to your PIP programme before week 10 for the following Semester.  After this deadline, a request for late addition can be submitted via PIP which will be sent to the module leader for approval.  If you need help with this, please see your student support coordinator.

    Postgraduate students

    Students enrolled on a postgraduate programme can also take language modules as associate students. Before you can enrol on a language module you will need to check the Semester 2 language module timetable above and ensure you have the following:

    • Student card (you will receive this when you enrol on your postgraduate programme)
    • Timetable for your postgraduate programme
    • Online placement test result (not required for beginners)

    You will then need to contact the Programme Administrator for Modern Languages at or in room T3.02, Tonge building to register your interest in a language module.  Please state which course you are doing and give the module number and title of the language module you wish to take. Module numbers and titles are listed in the timetable above. The language modules are undergraduate level modules so an online module enrolment is provided to allow postgraduate students to access these modules. When your module enrolment has been processed, you will be contacted by the Student Central Advice Team to confirm the place on the module.

    The final deadline for postgraduate enrolment for Semester 2 modules is 15:00 on Wednesday of week 1 (30 January 2019) – if you do not enrol by this date you will not be allowed to take the module. This deadline relates to applications for modules running in semester 2.  Please note: some modules are very popular and may be fully booked before this deadline.

    Teaching for Semester 2 language modules will commence in Week 1; week commencing Monday 28 January 2019.

    Members of the public need to enrol as an associate student to take up a language module. For detailed information on how to enrol for your chosen course and for application deadlines, please contact the admissions team. You can also contact for more information on our language courses and timetables. For information about fees please contact finance team.

    New languages

    We seek to introduce new languages each year so please tell us if you have a particular interest in a language which we are not currently offering. If there is sufficient demand we will seek to provide a course in the language requested. Please contact for more information.