School of English and Modern Languages

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  • Research

    The Department of English and Modern Languages comprises seven collaborative research communities, supporting our doctoral students and encouraging wide participation both through our partnerships and our busy programme of conferences, public events and lectures.

    The Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre with a specific focus on women’s poetry, working class poetry, avant-garde poetry and poetics, nineteenth-century poetry, and performance poetry.

    The Europe Japan Research Centre is the home through which we organise and disseminate the high quality research of all Brookes staff working on Japan as well as a large number of affiliated Research Fellows.

    The Avant-Gardes and Speculative Technology (AGAST) Project recovers the forgotten promise of modernism: that art and technology can combine to produce positive social change.

    Materialities including including early modern performance history, textual scholarship, Victorian materiality, and cultures of the modernist avant-garde.

    Networks and Localities explores human communities in diverse forms. Staff research interests include utopias, literature and ecology, diasporic societies, spiritual communities and ideas of nationhood.

    Medicine, Science and Technology with focal areas in the early modern body and emotions, technology in the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries, hysteria, and psychoanalysis.

    Memory and Life-writing including contemporary literature, women’s lives, writing the writer, and the literature of war.

    The Oxford Brookes Language and Discourse interdisciplinary group has a specific focus on the relation between forms discourse, ideology and society.