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  • Language and Discourse

    The Oxford Brookes Language and Discourse interdisciplinary group has a specific focus on the relation between forms discourse, ideology and society.

    Our interests range from the production, interpretation and comprehension of discourse; to its mediation through materials, media and technologies; to the role it plays in social issues of gender, class, race, identity, politics, culture, literacy, and beyond.

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    Dr Andrea Macrae

    Senior Lecturer in Stylistics

    Department of English and Modern Languages

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Dr Andrea Macrae

    Phone number: +44 (0)1865 484308



    I teach, research and publish in the areas of stylistics, narratology and cognitive poetics, with a specialism in deixis.

    I also research the language of charity fundraising, and am the project lead for 'The Use and Misuse of Language' project for the Commission on the Donor Experience. 

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