Peter Hughes

MA International Business, Culture and Languages†, 2012

Peter Hughes

The unique combination of business, language and politics within the course is what really attracted me and I particularly enjoyed the interactive lectures. The quality of teaching is very high, with lots of feedback and guidance

Currently working as a Web Editor and Social Media Consultant on secondment to the European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection from Mostra Communications in Brussels.

Even before completing the MA in International Business, Culture and Language, I had already begun working for the European Commission as a trainee for which this Masters played a vital role in being selected. The MA EBCL enabled me to learn practical marketing and inter-cultural skills which I have used to the benefit of the European Commission and my current employer, a leading communications firm in Brussels working on EU projects.

Taking the full time one year course was the best option for me as, although it was intensive, it enabled me to swiftly learn the theoretical business elements and knowledge of the European institutions in the first semester on campus and then practically apply these to my role in my traineeship.

Though I had worked for a year as a Marketing Officer for a UK education firm, I had no marketing or business qualifications so when applying for new jobs in the field, I had very little success with applications. Nonetheless I wanted to pursue a career in marketing and communications and combine this with my Bachelors in German and Dutch. After reading about the Masters course, I decided it was the best way I could gain recognised qualifications, key marketing, business and European institutions theory and use my language skills in a professional scenario.

With my ultimate goal being to work in an international career, the specific inter-cultural business and European elements were definitely highly beneficial to my personal development but simultaneously the marketing, entrepreneur and business modules were not only interesting but also creatively stimulating with the module projects.

On top of this, it was very beneficial to have classmates from so many countries to really enhance the international feel of the course and create great relationships for my future international career.

After gaining a distinction in the course and writing specifically on new media communication strategies for the European Institutions, this qualification really boosted my visibility to European employers and I have been working in Brussels in and around the European Institutions since completing my studies.

This course has since been renamed to MA International Business and Intercultural Communication.