Faculty of Health and Life Sciences news

23 July 2024

Olympics 2024: Getting the balance right in sports nutrition

As the countdown to the Olympics continues, the focus for athletes is on getting fitter, faster, and stronger, but at what cost?

Clare Shaw, Senior Sports Lecturer

18 July 2024

Oxford Brookes shortlisted twice for prestigious higher education award

Two initiatives at Oxford Brookes University have been shortlisted for a University Alliance Award.

Some of the OxTrail oxen at Oxford Brookes University

20 June 2024

Environmental scientist spends more than four decades researching a potential climate game-changer

In the ongoing fight against climate change, one remarkable discovery has gained significant attention over the past years: phytoliths.

Dr Martin Hodson

03 June 2024

First global immersion during labour and water birth conference set to take place at Oxford Brookes

An international conference focusing on the use of birthing pools during labour and/or birth will be held at Oxford Brookes University.

A birth pool

20 May 2024

New resources developed by Oxford Brookes to support under pressure school nurses

Academics at Oxford Brookes University have secured over £7,000 in funding to develop new resources to support school nurses dealing with rising work pressures.

School nursing graphic

15 May 2024

Menstrual Equity at Oxford Brookes showcased by the British Standards Institute

An ongoing initiative to support students and staff at Oxford Brookes University who are experiencing the pain, discomfort and financial cost of periods is being showcased nationally.

Launch of the Oxford Brookes menstrual equity project

01 May 2024

Assessments designed by an Oxford Brookes professor go global

New and improved tests devised by an Oxford Brookes University professor to help people with conditions such as Development Coordination Disorder (DCD) are now being used internationally.

The books containing the new DCD tests

22 April 2024

Early years packs developed at Oxford Brookes to be rolled out in Argentina

Innovative resource packs developed at Oxford Brookes University for families with babies and toddlers are to be distributed in Argentina.

Resource packs for children

11 April 2024

National recognition for Brookes student who switched from business to nursing

When Oxford Brookes University student Cynthia Okoli moved to the UK from Nigeria she was expecting to study business administration.

Cynthia Okoli

07 March 2024

Thrill-seeking Oxford Brookes academic embarking on 1,000 mile trek through Alaska

A thrill-seeking lecturer from Oxford Brookes University is competing in a 1,000 mile race across Alaska hauling a sled through thick snow and sub-zero conditions.

Mark Hines hiking in the Yukon Arctic Ultra race in 2011