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  • Professor Glen O'Hara

    Professor of Modern and Contemporary History

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    Professor Glen O'Hara

    Phone number: +44 (0)1865 484166


    Location: Headington Campus, Tonge Block,T535

    Glen O'Hara teaches across a range of Oxford Brookes courses. These chiefly concern governance and national identity in modern Britain, both in its domestic and international aspects. His second year course on 'The Making of Modern Britain', and his third year course 'Britain and the Sea', deal with the interaction between state and people, and between governments and the outside world, in the modern age.

    Professor O'Hara was at Oxford University as an undergraduate and a postgraduate between 1993 and 1997, where he won the Gladstone Prize for History and Politics. After working as a journalist at The Independent, he moved back into academia at  University College London, where he completed a PhD in 2002. In 2001 he was appointed Lecturer in Economic History at the  University of Bristol, where he spent a year before moving to New College, Oxford, as Lecturer in Modern History. He moved to Oxford Brookes in January 2005. 

    You can watch his May 2018 Inaugural Lecture as a Professor here, and you can listen to or download a podcast of the lecture here: