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  • Dr Stephen Boulter

    Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics

    School of History, Philosophy and Culture

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


    Phone number: +44 (0)1865 488566

    Email: sboulter@brookes.ac.uk


    Stephen Boulter is Senior Lecturer and Field Chair of Philosophy and Ethics within the Division of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

    He has an Hons BA and MA from the University of McMaster (Canada) and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. Before coming to Oxford Brookes Stephen was Gifford Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow.

    His research interests include the philosophy of language, the philosophy of evolutionary biology, perception, metaphysics, virtue ethics and metaethics, Aristotle and medieval philosophy. He has also been contracted to the Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum (SCCC) as a Development Officer and National Trainer of the new Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher in Philosophy (the Scottish equivalent of the English A-Level) in the past.

    Journal articles

    • Boulter SJ, 'Can Consequences be Right-Makers?'
      Philosophia 45 (1) (2017) pp.185-205
      ISSN: 0048-3893 eISSN: 0048-3893
      Abstract Website
    • Boulter S J, 'On the Very Possibility of Historiography'
      Journal of the Philosophy of History 11 (2) (2016) pp.196-220
      ISSN: 1872-261X eISSN: 1872-261X
      Abstract Website
    • Boulter S J, 'Education From a Biological Point of View'
      Studies in Philosophy and Education 36 (2) (2016)
      ISSN: 0039-3746 eISSN: 0039-3746
      Abstract Website
    • Boulter S, 'Aquinas on Biological Individuals: An Essay in Analytical Thomism'
      Philosophia 41 (2013) pp.603-616
      ISSN: 0048-3893 eISSN: 0048-3893
      Abstract Website
    • Boulter S, 'Can evolutionary biology do without Aristotelian essentialism?'
      Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements 70 (July) (2012) pp.83-103
      ISSN: 1358-2461 eISSN: 1358-2461
    • Boulter S, 'The medieval origins of conceivability arguments'
      Metaphilosophy 42 (5) (2011) pp.617-641
      ISSN: 0026-1068 eISSN: 0026-1068
      Abstract Website

    Book chapters


    • Boulter S, review of The Cambridge Companion to Duns Scotus., in Philosophical Quarterly 54 (2004) pp.321-323
      ISSN: 0031-8094 eISSN: 0031-8094



    • “What Philosophy Is”, delivered at the Cave Hill Symposium on Conceptualising Philosophy. The University of the West Indies, April 2005.
    • “Evolutionary theory and Reid’s metaphilosophy of common sense”, delivered at Hume and His Critics: A Conference on the Scottish Enlightenment. Baylor University, Texas, USA. May 2005.