Lucy Chileshe Filamba

Communication, Media and Culture, 2015

Lucy Chileshe Filamba

Before joining Brookes, Lucy was studying for her A-Levels in Sociology, Psychology and Media Studies while also working part-time.

I decided on doing the Communication, Media and Culture course because I really enjoyed Media Studies at A-Level. I chose Brookes because I liked the fact that you were allowed to choose what modules you took, which meant my degree was shaped around my own interests. Also we are allowed to choose modules from other courses in the first year, which allowed me to see what else the university had to offer. As well as this, I liked that this course was coursework only.

I have found Brookes, the department and the course itself to be welcoming and I have really enjoyed my time at Brookes so far. Our tutors have been really helpful and friendly; they are all easily approachable and no matter the request they offer a response fairly quickly. Our small class sizes make for friendlier interactions in class. Joining the Media Society has been great as it’s meant I’ve got to meet other students from my course who I would not have met otherwise and I have really enjoyed interacting with our students outside the course too.

Oxford is a pretty city that has the bustle of a big city, but also has many quaint features that remind me of the countryside. Oxford is also very multicultural and has beautiful architecture. As most of the residents are students, it means that there is a good buzz around town.

In the future I hope to go into either advertising or public relations. Brookes is a respected university and I think employers will like the fact that I have a degree from here. Some elements of my modules relate directly to what I hope to do in the future. For example, modules like Design for Online Communication and Research Methods have given me skills that are often needed in the growing economy, such as being able to create a website or conduct different forms of research.