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How to request a print journal

Print journals are held in a closed store outside of the Headington library. To view a print journal that we hold at Headington, you will need to fill out this form and Library staff will fetch the journal for you. Please use a separate form for each journal issue or article you request. If you want a journal that Oxford Brookes Library does not hold please use the interlibrary loan service.

Please note: a selection of current journals are held in the room next to the Welcome Desk on level 1 of the Headington library. These journals are accessible at any time, although they may not be taken out of the library.

How does it work?

Library staff will retrieve journals daily and make them ready for you to collect.

Monday to Friday

  • Request by 11am and collect after 11.30am
  • Request by 4pm and collect after 4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday

  • Request by 12.30pm and collect after 1.00pm


During vacations the service will be available Monday to Friday only.

  • Request by 2.30pm and collect after 3.00pm

Collecting journals

Collect your journals from our holds room, on level 1 of the library (next to the welcome desk).  They will be shelved under your surname and will be held for 7 days.

Please note journals may not be taken out of the library.  You are welcome to take them to other library levels to read or photocopy/scan.

Returning journals

When you have finished with a journal, you can

  • place it on the returns trolley in the holds room
  • return it through the book returns slot, or
  • hand it to staff at the welcome desk

Further information

Check out our journals webpage for more information about the electronic and print journal collections that we have available.

Teaching staff please use the library scanning service to get copies of journal articles to share on Moodle.