Research students

Current students

Name Thesis Contact
Helen Thompson
Rachel Hinton
Nishanthan Thisaveerasingam
Stephanie Hutchison
Charlotte Jones
Kevin Barclay Meek
Rachel Moore
Luthfa Khalid
Ms Neesha Oozageer Gunowa Evaluation of the educational preparation of registered nurses in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in relation to pressure ulcer (PU) identification and assessment, particularly focusing on skin t
Claire Litchfield Is the use of water immersion for women in labour or giving birth both safe and effective as a method for improving rates of normal birth for women who are obese?
Ms Rebecca Parker The experience of midwives during intrapartum emergencies in community settings
Melanie Diggle Bereaved caregivers' experiences of end of life care for people with Advanced Heart Failure: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Sara Matthews The psychosocial experiences and needs of oropharyngeal (HPV+ve) cancer patients and their primary informal caregivers following radical (chemo)radiotherapy
Julie Cooke Academic nurse educators’ experiences of preparing and supporting nursing students for clinical placements in nursing homes: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Hilary Brown Optimising the care and support for people with inoperable pancreatic cancer and their family-carers
Angela Bygrave Griffiths Does a raised body mass index affect patient’s quality of life, symptoms and experiences following catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation?
Kirsty Hammett The role of self-management practices in patients with a haematological malignancy: a mixed methods study
Claire Coughlan Optimising follow up for patients treated for bowel cancer from seldom heard groups
Matt Fowler
Elaine Strachan-Hall Robots in Nursing: False Rhetoric or Future Reality?
Karen Lascelles Experiences and Support Needs of Adult Carers of Adults at Risk of Suicide: A Mixed Methods Doctoral Research Study
Ms Maxmiller “Maxine” Buyanga How do organisational and social contexts influence mealtimes on wards caring for the older person aged 65 years and above?
Lucy Speakman An exploration of the experiences of community respiratory nurses supporting patients who are breathless
Ms Helen Ayres Understanding the experiences of mental health nurses who have been assaulted by patients in secure settings
Ms Sally Bassett How Chief Nurses and their colleagues perceive the success of the Chief Nurse leadership role
Samantha Jane Donohue What is the experince of professional enjoyment in nursing?
Helen Bosley Maternal Attitudes to Antibiotic Use: A Community Based Case Study
Monica Duman How are chronologies and neglect assessment tools used by health and social care practitioners to identify and assess child neglect?
Suzanne Watts An exploration of the referral and communication systems between primary health care professionals and children's social care services
Diana Yardley An exploration of health care professionals’ perceptions of non-medical factors affecting management of Type 1 diabetes in children
Georgia Cook Parental influences on children’s sleep
Kimberley Harcourt Weight loss and weight loss maintenance using exercise, nutrition and behaviour change strategies among an overweight/obese, pre-diabetic adult population
Lauren Harding How do school nurses identify and work with school-aged children at risk of child abuse and neglect?
Mark Mason The illegal drug use behaviours and social circumstances of older adult regular Class A drug users
Briony Enser Alcohol Driven Harm to Others
Jon Hyslop How Do Peer Networks Enable Service Users and Informal Careers to Obtain and Manage Personal Budgets
Alexa Otana Development of an Environmental Research Readiness Tool for Nurses in the Clinical Setting
Emma Blakey How are unplanned readmissions experienced and perceived by older adults and their families in an English NHS context?
Lian Lee Registered nurses' communication experiences in Robotic-Assisted Surgery
Yuhan Zhang Remote nursing prescribing in the current climate
Alice Green Can Shared Governance improve the motivation of bedside nurses?
Ria Betteridge Wound Care as a Fundamental of Nursing Practice
David Ritchie Nursing in Level 3 Sexual Health Services
Sandra Rushwaya What are the barriers and facilitators to the uptake of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis among Black African Heterosexual Women in England?
Becky Lear
Emma Young
Rebecca Clawson