School of Education

  • Policy, Partnerships and Leadership


    To consider educational policy through to its implementation within different educational institutions, different partnerships within education and the way that leadership influences the policy and practice that emerges from policy. Overarching concepts are the policy cycle, the implementation stages at various levels, practice and unintended consequences. Throughout this the notion of leadership and the way that this interacts to enable policy is of paramount interest.

    The group’s members are involved in several different areas of education; they have involvement in different partnerships and are all are interested in exploring the impact of changing education policy.

    Areas of interest

    • Student evaluations
    • HE mergers
    • Leadership in education
    • Award-bearing CPD
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • A study of exploring the leadership of complementary schools
    • The student as customer client in a neoliberal ideology
    • Practice architectures of staff teaching HE in FE
    • The pedagogical use of technology in further education
    • Student learning experiences of technology based learning


    An evaluation report of the School Challenge Cymru project in Wales for SQW (a London based company that specialises in contracted research in education).

    Technology enhanced learning, digital literacy, course design, digital leadership, eg. Project Director, Developing Digital Leaders, Delivery of learning and development opportunities for leaders, managers and those involved in governance in the Education and Training sector, Education and Training Foundation (£40,000, Jan – March 2015).

    A study of further education learners’ experiences and expectations of the digital environment as part of the JISC Digital Student CoDesign project (£33,000, June 2014 – MarchApril 2015).

    Learning analytics and learning gain eg. Partner in project led by Open University. A longitudinal mixed-method study of learning gain: applying Affective-Behaviour-Cognition framework at three institutions, HEFCE Learning Gain Programme, £375,000, (2015 – 18).

    The concept of Practice Architecture within an HE based institution for HE in FE based practitioners.


    • Basford, L, Butt, G and Newton, R (forthcoming 2017) To what extent are Teaching Assistants really managed?: ‘I was thrown in the deep end, really; I just had to more or less get on with it’. School Leadership and Management.
    • Butt,G (forthcoming 2018) Geography Education Research: retrospect and prospect. Dordrecht: Springer, which contains a chapter specifically on the challenges of managing education research in the context of a small subject (such as Geography).
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  • Academic staff with related research interests

    Professor Graham Butt

    Affiliate Lecturer (Geography Educator & Leadership in Education)
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 488370 | Email: | Location:

    Dr Linet Arthur

    Senior Lecturer: Leadership, Management and Policy
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 488533 | Email: | Location:

    Dr Marian McLachlan

    Senior Lecturer in Education
    Phone: +44 (0)1865 488514 | Email: | Location: Harcourt Hill Campus Office AG02

    Dr Roger Dalrymple

    Associate Dean: Student Outcomes
    Phone: 44 (0)1865 488737 | Email: | Location: Harcourt Hill Campus