Name Thesis Contact
Christopher Mpanga
Delania Marvella Marundrury
Jessica Cansian
Julia Samuelsson
Sam Burden Cardiac function of the left ventricle in obese adolescents with the establishment of links to metabolic health and physiological and perceptual exercise responses
Jon Hyslop How Do Peer Networks Enable Service Users and Informal Careers to Obtain and Manage Personal Budgets
Fiyory Ghezae Nonlinear pedagogy to support children in play and physical activity
Shannon Gibson Development of Word Learning Heuristics in Monolingual and Bilingual Infants
Marine Raymond
Michela Dema-Osiene
Muhamed Selmani
Nivedita Brahma
Sammy Nguyen
Taewoo Kim
Yanling Liu
Yulia Boskholova
Sarang Sreemandiram
Kritika Gumber
Joseph Iwuafor
Yiyang Wu
Yeung Tsz On
Nurul Mohd Razali
Keren Hannah Golea
Bradley Mallinson
Eesha Bakht
Nishanthan Thisaveerasingam
Laurenemma Whale
Max Mason
Nursu Ceren Kuyucu
Onat Isik
Oshin Whyte
Katerina Kosta UK university sustainability reports: an exploratory analysis of an emerging practice
Elaine Strachan-Hall Robots in Nursing: False Rhetoric or Future Reality?
Aiysha Whitfield
Alejandro Quintana Vicuna
Aston Pollington
Avar Almukhtar
Chris Petzy
Pei Fen Song
Tina Poletto
Utsav Kharel
Vu Tran
William Cessford
Zirui Lin
Jess Chadwick
Katy Coleman
Grace Cooper
Miriam Manco
Giuseppe Motta
Rory Springbett
Gary Neal
Laura Crofts
Ruqaya Mohammed
Sabrina Witzlau
Adam Beg
Josh Harsant
Alice Laidler
Dawn Yardley
Paige Clarkson
Zita Zelei
Ambra Garofolo
Lubica Trvalcova
Daisy Brown
Sabiha Dewji
Nana Acquah
Joanna Bird
Louise Bradley
Joshua Denton
Richard Alan Greenwood
Marlene Vasquez
Steff Bates
Sophie Bennett
Omar Chowdhury
William Watts
Jim Campbell
Loraine Fergusson
Hauwa Ahmed
Hikari Hamada
Hutsama Juntaratana
Kira Harkonen
Kunyi Jiang
Oliver Fairey
Alice Dudbridge Dudbridge
Pheobe Exon
Perdy Foster
James Hawley
Melissa Karlin
Romel Yared
Tori Baker
George Loyd
Helen Whyman
Ciaran Jones
Emma Corr
Hannah Cooper
Hannah Richards
William Wong
London Donson
Shirish Potu
Syed Rafan
Nanaka Kishi
Samirah Altukhaim
Jonas Palovis
Alini Shires
Helen Callister Radcliffe
Victoria Zicos
Michael Johnson
Nicola Rymell
Rachel Kamall
Baviniaraj Rajendran
Nadia Aljafri
Tasha Chandra
Alfred Artley
Andrew Blyth
Rachael Butcher
Emily Hurter
Toks Hussain
Arsalan Khattak
Sarah Macpherson
Katherine Rodrigues
Stefano Consiglio
Wanjiku Githuka
Jason Howard
Thomas Jacob
Zheng Lin
Adam Zulqarnain Mohd Said
Tya Raikundalia
Ashley Larkin
Janie Armitage
Laura Natara Malave
Matthew Pullen
Simon Wigfield
Clarissa Fennell
Marcin Iwankiewicz
Aiysha Whitfield
Mia Jorjikia
Deniss Tiscenko
Jit Min Tan
Bernard Chu
Zelia Dupont
Peder Joraandstad
Olasubomi Sanya
Leila Siddiqi
Sophie Kirkman
Adam Zulqarnain Mohd Said
Amy Blong
Dimce Bukreski
Emily Board
Katie Williams
Daniela Hernandez
Yasmin Arnould
Vasilisa Sabaeva
Mark Dale
Natchananth Wiranyaphaet
Zhihao Chen
Tingyu Gao
Yan Wai Kwong
Martyna Bylinska
Rohan Shankar
Christine Vitzthum How do coaches and organisational stakeholders approach coaching to support gender diversity?
Tom Turner
Hiu Man Chan
Navid Golchoobian
Alison Maxwell Feedback for development
Karine Mangion How is coaching perceived by leaders engaged in global talent management and leadership development programme?
Ross Brooks Queer Science in Britain, c.1900-1939: Narratives of Naturalisation and Eradication
Sophie Manson Quantifying the ecosystem services provided by vertebrates within an agroforest environment in Java, Indonesia
Grace Khawams Assessing job readiness among Lebanese and Palestinian refugee youth with intellectual disabilities in Lebanon: An Action Research Framework
Kate McAuliff Deaf Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon: a conceptual framework of agency and double displacement
Sherin Al shaikhahmed Leadership of youth with disabilities in the context of Humanitarian-Development Nexus
Catalina Morales Maya Inclusive building, neighbourhood design and actual space performance in the context of urban spaces, UK
Angela Buckley The Science of Sleuthing: The Evolution of Detective Practice in English Regional Cities, 1838–1914
Louise Roy Mapping Murder: a Socio-legal investigation of Homicide in Lancashire, c.1816–1914
Sarah Slator Politics in the Courtroom: International Communism, the Global Anti-Apartheid Movement and the Rivonia Trial in South Africa 1963–64
Fabien Dézèque Can we ever be satisfied? Well-being treadmills and the evolution of happiness
Cosmin Koszor-Codrea ‘The Word of Science’: The Popularization of Darwinism in Romania, 1860–1918
Russell Anderson Hypertextual Performance: developing audience-controlled narratives in theatre
Chris Griffiths Authenticity in the work of W G Sebald and Bruce Chatwin
Carly Schabowski A Novel – The Rainbow Man. Critical reflection – Between History and Fiction – The creation of convincing characters in historical fiction and the author’s responsibility to fact versus fiction
Anne Youngson Starting the story: an exploration of the impact of the first words in a story, demonstrated through a short story collection
Ryal Wun The Use of Force and Statehood Seeking Territories
Huw Houssemayne du Boulay Post-Soviet, postcolonial: Crimea, national identity and territorial integrity in Russian government discourse 1991–2015
Jessica Peixihno Unravelling the genetic relationships between auditory processing and speech and language
Duygu Yardımcı Cooperation Between Public Authorities and Civil Society: Forms, Drivers, Principles, Policies, Means and Tools
Claire Cardinal Lemur-human coexistence: the impact of human activities on the behaviour and demography of cathemeral lemurs in south-eastern Madagascar
Alexandra Chesters The Joy of Possessions and Decluttering in Japan and the West
Sophie Edwards A Comparison of Craniodental Morphology of Hominoids of the Late Miocene and Early Pliocene in relation to Contemporary Climate Change and Paleoecological Shifts
Dr Miguel de Guinea Luengo Navigating in Rainforests: Movement patterns in a neotropical primate the Black Howler Monkey.
Elena Račevska Lemurs as protectors of the forest: Lemur seed dispersal, forest regeneration and local livelihoods in the littoral forest fragments of Madagascar
Fiona Matley Using automatic processes to change drinking behaviour in midlife adults
Dr Elena Bersacola Zooming in on human-wildlife coexistence: primate community responses in a shared agroforest landscape in Guinea-Bissau’
Dr Duccio Gasparri Locals, New-locals, Non-locals: (Re)mapping people and food in post-disaster Ishinomaki, Japan
Tobias Vokuhl Built back better? Exploring end-user perceptions of Economic, Symbolic, Cultural and Social capitals gained or lost in Nepal Government grant qualifying post-earthquake reconstruction housing.
Aleyda Valdes Displacement due to gang violence in Latin America
Abdullah Celik Highly skilled migration into the UK: The case of Turkish nationals
Fatima Hashmi Understanding forms and processes of stigmatisation and populations’ responses: A multi-site case study of ethnic minority groups in Pakistan and Colombia.
Oscar Natividad Puig The role of multi-scalar networks in participatory urban interventions addressing socio-spatial inequality: an actor- network perspective
Kieren Stanton Studying different technologies for authentication in order to prevent impersonation attacks in vehicular ad hoc networks
Safras Iqbal Investigations of novel techniques to mitigate against cyber security attacks on autonomous vehicles; Cyber threats to Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
Megan Burns Glasgow’s Red Clydeside and the Politics of Poetry
Thomas Dobson Training to Teach: Westminster College and the development of Higher Education in the 20th century
Dr Paola Esposito Butoh and the West: A Performative Ethnographic Analysis of the Spread of Butoh-dance outside of Japan
Dr Stephanie Oeben Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games in Europe and Japan: A Comparative Anthropological Study
Dr Anna Fraser Medical properties of hot springs in Japan
Dr Sébastien Boret New Buddhist “natural” funerals in Japan
Dr Katsunobu Shimizu Spurning the Classroom: The discourse and reality of School Non-Attendance in Contemporary Japan
Dr Phil Sawkins (Not) only connect – investigating the place of the mobile phone in Japanese lives
Dr Douglas Frewer The social agency of postage stamps: Japanese postage stamps in a global context
Dr Bruce White Modernity’s Children: Generational change, identity and global citizenship in Japan
Dr Ruth Martin Opportunity and fulfilment: Overseas transfer and the Japanese housewife
Dr Ayumi Sasagawa Life-choices: university educated mothers in a Japanese suburb
Jon Gorrie Does culture evolve? Testing evolutionary theories of culture through a case study of El Khiam points from three sites in the Pre Pottery Neolithic A of the Southern Levant
Emma Hankinson Megafauna Extinction on our watch: Conserving Sumatra’s last remaining elephant populations and their tropical forests
Luke Holmes Exploring experiences of Vietnamese labour migration in the UK and Vietnam: dominant discourses and migrants’ lived experiences
Sofya du Boulay (Omarova) Spectacles of Power: How authoritarian regimes legitimise their rule in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan
Kira Raith Quaternary climate change and landscape evolution of Southeast Arabia
Sam Hyde Roberts Behavioural ecology, adaptation and conservation of the Anosy mouse lemur (Microcebus tanosi) in the littoral forests of Sainte Luce, southeastern Madagascar
Kat Scott Orangutans in the New Frontier: Strategies for Survival in Altered Landscapes
Kavi Thakore ‘Cosmopolitan’ Financial Transaction Tax
Tim Wakeman How do Social Movements emerge and bring about social change? A case study of Focus E15
Parmida Mohammadpour Home Numeracy Practices of Primary School Children: Parent Perspectives
Aidan Arnold ‘The Edge of the Maze’: What are the causes and effects of increasing managerialism within the United Kingdom’s Further Education (FE) sector? A hermeneutical examination of the divide between educato
Ioli Ayiomamitou Educational and psycholinguistic perspectives on children and young people who speak non-standard varieties
Alison Cotton Special Educational Needs in the children and families of Armed Forces Personnel; are they over-represented and why might this be the case?
Dan Butcher Perspectives on Transnational education
Hamish Chalmers Translanguaging in linguistically super-diverse classrooms: the roles of students, teachers and parents and the effects on observable educational outcomes
Sarah Frodsham Assessment of Primary School Science: Understanding when and how effective formative assessment is being performed whilst teaching creatively for science
Poppy Gibson
Lindsay Jordan Solidarity as a civic virtue in citizenship education
John Loewenthal What do people want to do with their lives and why? An ethnography of graduate aspirations in New York and Los Angeles
Anna Riggall What implications do dominant discourses and conceptualisations of ‘quality’ in education have for pupils and teachers in primary schools?
Jacqueline Perrin A sense of purpose: Perspectives of autistic young people
Daisy Sander
Cornelia Ebbesen
Lucy Chileshe Filamba
Stephen Hurley The protection of non-religious philosophical belief in the British workplace
Craig Allen How should improper religious impulsion be regulated by the law of England and Wales?
Richard Fretwell Religious Freedom in a Post-Christian Age: A critical analysis of liberalism, secularism and human rights through the lens of religious freedom in education in England
Paul Duggan The effect of climate and disease on human ostracism in prehistoric Africa
Miranda Strubel Shared Landscapes: exploring the relationships between people and red kites in the UK
Urvita Bhatia Co-producing a prevention intervention for adolescent substance use and misuse in a sports-based setting in India
Parvati Perman-Howe The effect of alcohol strength on alcohol consumption
Luke Prout Self-confidence in non-conveyance decision making amongst paramedics
Natalie Wilde Alcohol Consumption and Mental Health Literacy in Young People
Mrs Josie Jacobs Developing a Resilience Intervention to Promote Thriving in Parents of Primary School Children
Jennifer Wong A transnational poetics of place: identity, otherness and the meaning of home in the poetry of Li-Young Lee, Marilyn Chin, Bei Dao, Hannah Lowe and Sarah Howe
Susan Campbell Gertrude Stein, spatial form and contemporary prose poetry
Precious Bayliss Captive Conservation: Factors influencing public perceptions and attitudes toward primate conservation, does “the tragedy of becoming common” apply to zoo settings?
Benjamin Klinkenberg Socioeconomic effects of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) introduction to the Forest of Dean
Gokhan Budan Connected and Automated Vehicle Enabled Traffic Intersection Control with Reinforcement Learning
Mr Izzedin Teeti Predictive Algorithms for Advanced Autonomous Vehicle Perception
Ms Neesha Oozageer Gunowa Evaluation of the educational preparation of registered nurses in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in relation to pressure ulcer (PU) identification and assessment, particularly focusing on skin t
Sanjana Karnik The regulation of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in warfare
Nick Brown Why does family law treat FGM and male circumcision differently?
Dr Lucy Vigne The rhino horn and ivory trade: 1980–2020
Dr Penthai Siriwat ‘Wildlife Trade in the Digital Age: The role of the Internet in monitoring the trade in wild plants and animals in Thailand
Dr Kathleen Reinhardt Ecophysiology of a wild nocturnal primate the Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus Javanicus)
Dr Paul Moran Autonomy in modern Basque art, an anthropological perspective
Dr Aimee Oxley Great Ape Conservation in the Matrix: Investigating the Socialogical responses of chimpanzees living in a forest -farm mosiac, Uganda
Dr Gisele Arruda Promoting sustainable energy literacy through higher education for the Arctic
Dr Daniel Bergin Wildlife Trade in Morocco: Conservation, Laws and Welfare
Dr Jaima Smith An examination and assessment of current conservation practices for Javan gibbons (Hylobates moloch) in West Java, Indonesia
Claire Litchfield Is the use of water immersion for women in labour or giving birth both safe and effective as a method for improving rates of normal birth for women who are obese?
Fabiana Ciccarella Anti-migrants hate speech in the digital age: a comparative analysis between Italy and the UK
Dr Kian Pourkermani Non-consensual secession and the Law of Nations
Dr Sarah Hayes The extent to which public engagement by the religious precinct destabilises religious autonomy
Dr Louisa Borg Haviaras Free movement of scientists within the European Research Area: An analysis of the Cypriot research market
Dr Michela Balestri Ecology and conservation of the southern woolly lemur (Avahi meridionalis) in the Tsitongambarika Protected Area, south-eastern Madagascar
Dr Marco Campera Ecological flexibilty and conservation of Fleurette's sportive lemur, Lepilemur fleureatae, in the lowland rainforest of Ampasy, Tsitongambarika Protected Area
Dr Stephanie Poindexter Navigating the Night: Spatial Cognition. Locomotor and ranging behaviour in Nycticebus species
Ms Rebecca Parker The experience of midwives during intrapartum emergencies in community settings
Melanie Diggle Bereaved caregivers' experiences of end of life care for people with Advanced Heart Failure: An interpretative phenomenological analysis
Sara Matthews The psychosocial experiences and needs of oropharyngeal (HPV+ve) cancer patients and their primary informal caregivers following radical (chemo)radiotherapy
Julie Cooke Academic nurse educators’ experiences of preparing and supporting nursing students for clinical placements in nursing homes: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Hilary Brown Optimising the care and support for people with inoperable pancreatic cancer and their family-carers
Angela Bygrave Griffiths Does a raised body mass index affect patient’s quality of life, symptoms and experiences following catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation?
Kirsty Hammett The role of self-management practices in patients with a haematological malignancy: a mixed methods study
Claire Coughlan Optimising follow up for patients treated for bowel cancer from seldom heard groups
Matt Fowler
Bethany Watkins Beneath the moon and under the sun: what the navigational strategies of Eulemur collaris can tell us about the evolution of higher cognition
Karen Lascelles Experiences and Support Needs of Adult Carers of Adults at Risk of Suicide: A Mixed Methods Doctoral Research Study
Ms Maxmiller “Maxine” Buyanga How do organisational and social contexts influence mealtimes on wards caring for the older person aged 65 years and above?
Helen Bosley Maternal Attitudes to Antibiotic Use: A Community Based Case Study
Sharon Brownie Nursing and Health Service Leadership: The Power to Influence
Monica Duman How are chronologies and neglect assessment tools used by health and social care practitioners to identify and assess child neglect?
Elizabeth Jestico What are parents’ experiences of being supported by significant others, when faced with making decisions about their child’s cancer case? A phenomenological study
Catherine Lowenhoff Moving on from ‘Listening Visits’: a mixed methods, multi-phase study exploring the support that health visitors provide to mothers with mental health problems
Suzanne Watts An exploration of the referral and communication systems between primary health care professionals and children's social care services
Diana Yardley An exploration of health care professionals’ perceptions of non-medical factors affecting management of Type 1 diabetes in children
Georgia Cook Parental influences on children’s sleep
Kimberley Harcourt Weight loss and weight loss maintenance using exercise, nutrition and behaviour change strategies among an overweight/obese, pre-diabetic adult population
Lauren Harding How do school nurses identify and work with school-aged children at risk of child abuse and neglect?
Mark Mason The illegal drug use behaviours and social circumstances of older adult regular Class A drug users
Ed Daly Concussion characterisation using current concussion diagnosis and evaluation measures compared to novel objective testing methods
Owen Gustafson Evaluating the musculoskeletal health state of Intensive Care Unit survivors: The MSK-ICU study (led by OUH)
Elizabeth King Living with MSK impairments following critical illness
Ali Aminalsharieh Najafi The impact of immersive technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality on the performance and rehabilitation outcomes of young people after sport-related injuries
Mrs Robyn Stiger Prehabilitation for cancer patients
Dr Erin Hannink The exploration of spinal curvature in the sagittal plane
Briony Enser Alcohol Driven Harm to Others
Christopher Milroy The development of forensic medicine as an academic discipline in the UK: An examination of its teaching and literature to 1914
Zoe Taylor Power training for fall rehabilitation and prevention in over 56s and comparisons of recovery mechanisms for loss of balance between fallers and non-fallers
Josh Eales Changing the rules of the game: A longitudinal investigation on the implementation of ecological dynamics within a Premier League football club
Helene Eisenhut Exploring the barriers and facilitators for volunteering as an intervention for those with chronic conditions
Avril Dillon MenFAS Study: Understanding Mental Fatigue After Stroke
Kirstie Mahoney Young children learning through play
Polly Bell Creativity in arts and science classes
Sally Howard Contrasting science inquiry learning across primary and secondary phases
Robert Curry Exploring service development to scaffold cross-disciplinary critical maker-learning in a Higher Education Academic Library Makerspace: a case study through the lens of cultural-historical activity
Shireen Kudukkil Manchingal Epistemic Artificial Intelligence
Devashish Bharti Federated machine learning
Salman Khan Deep Scene Graph Models for Complex Activity Detection
Francesca de Chenu Conservation and agriculture: Do wildlife corridors support wildlife and local farming concerns adequately?
Abhinav Priyardashi Influence of ultrasonic melt treatment on the fragmentation of primary intermetallics in Al based alloys
Shaz Shahrani
Justin Morton On the fundamental mechanisms of ultrasonic assisted liquid phase exfoliation of two-dimensional nanomaterials
Scott Newson My provisional thesis title is ‘How neuroscientific insights on curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving can help guide and enrich existing approaches to enquiry-based learning.’
Sarah Gilbert Women’s anti-Vietnam war poetry and canon(s): critical and feminist representation of the poetry of Muriel Rukeyser and Denise Levertov
Sophie Harris The influence of anxiety, self-efficacy and movement variability on the perceptual judgements and executed actions of adults with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)
Julie Bennett Experiences of nostalgia in individuals both with and without Autism
Sam Bond A Detailed Exploration into the Constraints on Statistical Learning
Angelina Wilson Primate Factoids: Efficacy of visual literature in teaching young children about ecology and conservation
Leah Fitzpatrick Genomics of the only venomous primate - the slow loris (Nycticebus sp.)
Emily Slatter
Ferdos Abid Ali
Andrada Tomoni
Rebecca Whitla Evolutionary and Ecological Genomics of Butterflies in the British Isles
Fiona Tierney Families’ experience of using sleep-related routines with their young children
Teresa Joyce Executive Function in children with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder
Thais Morcatty A multilateral approach to tackling wildlife trade in South America: people, ecology and conservation Supervisors
Charlie Dee
Ben Hewlett
Sam Kimsey
Dipesh Patel
Sian Penwarden
Emily Thompson
Jessica Wragg
Sarah Evans-Howe Complaining via social media: perceptions of temporality in customer complaint behaviour following exceptional experiences in luxury London hotels.
Ammar Alawadh Saudi Arabian fathers as key socialisation agents and emerging implications for healthy food marketing policy development'.
Indroneel Chatterjee Applying experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience in evaluating consumer’ fear and disgust towards entomophagy.
Kamil Wyczynski The meanings of retrogaming consumption of ‘Generation X’ and ‘Millennial’ men.
Matt Poulter Diet, Nutrition, and Health in UK prisons
Gabrielle Mastrolonardo Investigating the functional role of NFXL1 in the developing brain and how it relates to speech and language development
Farhad Salek Thermo-economic modelling and optimization of the second life battery energy storage system for building applications
Alexa Otana Development of an Environmental Research Readiness Tool for Nurses in the Clinical Setting
Emma Blakey How are unplanned readmissions experienced and perceived by older adults and their families in an English NHS context?
Flick Lucas Genetic Predisposition and Clinical Risk Factors on Bone and Musculoskeletal injuries in Competitive Contact Sports: With a focus on the Female Athlete.
Lina Alqassab
Bob Beeton
Katherine Cox
Duncan Lee
Anna Neale
Rheanne Sanders
Emilia Gennard
Dan Pope
Elena Emili Genetic regulation of neural differentiation in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea by single-cell transcriptomics
Brianna Walker
Mar Atsongchanger
Daniela Ferrante
Zara Markland
Francesca Tabacchi Nutritional support in cancer patients during treatment.
Lian Lee Registered nurses' communication experiences in Robotic-Assisted Surgery
Yuhan Zhang Remote nursing prescribing in the current climate
Alice Green Can Shared Governance improve the motivation of bedside nurses?
Ria Betteridge Wound Care as a Fundamental of Nursing Practice
Brittany Rapone Cultural Influences Behind Exotic Pet Cafés in Japan and their Relation to the International Pet Trade
Ben Burbank Young children’s experiences of museums
David Ritchie Nursing in Level 3 Sexual Health Services
Amber Ridgway Using evolution to uncover development in Drosophila male genitalia
Nicholas Grosso Blueprints: Investigating how principles of architecture and infrastructure inform the construction of publishers' identities in the digital age
Pathaithip Gun-Ari Political risks and international hotel expansion decision making: a strategic framework for risk optimisation
Zhihao (Patrick) Chen The spatial behaviour and associated decision-making process of self-drive tourists in the context of Chinese market
Lisette Toetenel Social networking in language teaching and the impact on teacher training
Sina Hajianpashakolaei
Caroline Way An investigation of the relationship between young children with imaginary companions and perspective-taking ability
Kuo Feng Social connectedness: How commercial senior living facilities help enhance older adults’ social well-being through social activities in China
Janrapee Kemthong An investigation of stakeholder relationship patterns in the planning process of cultural event tourism (CET)
Ben Guy
Hayley Ashby
Jemima Green
Ollie Hirschfield
Oussama Kaoui
Yanis Vaks
Gabriel Elias
Karan Bopaiah
Nabeela Rehman
Sebastian Fox Team members' and team coaches' perceptions of the most productive parts of their sessions
Janine Roberts Working with emotions in leadership coaching
Benita Mayhead Duty of care of the executive coach
Mike Livingstone How meaningful and useful is the concept of the Life Space in Executive Coaching
Amina Mahmood Yakubu Gender and Education: An Economic Analysis of Returns to Education in Nigeria
Hussein Al-Odwan Evaluating Loss and Ambiguity Aversion in a Contextualized Risk Setting
Reginald Kadzutu Impact of Exchange rate regime on the sensitivity of expected return to macro-economic factors in the APT framework
Junior Oliveira de Almeida Online engagement among child consumers of child-produced YouTube content
Saptaparni Chaki Evaluating empowered personhood among young Indian women: A case study of skin lightening creams marketed in India
Kumar Shrayamsa Product Placement in Mobile Games: An exploration of the impact of game enjoyment and congruency on product placement recall and recognition for female Indian gamers
Abigal Muchecheti Leadership aspirations of black and ethnic minority women in non-academic roles across UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
Anthony Ebow Spio An exploration of women entrepreneurs’ competency development process in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Ghana
Hannah Isabelle Tornow Which contextual and individual factors shape gender inclusive innovation in the knowledge economy of Oxfordshire?
Sandra Rushwaya What are the barriers and facilitators to the uptake of HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis among Black African Heterosexual Women in England?
Wachuku Johnson The effect of the corporate governance framework on UK banks
Cornelia Bogatu Exploring identity development of independent professional coaches - a narrative study
Becky Lear
Emma Young
Rebecca Clawson
Jamie Abbott
Lauren Bolger
Imogen Mackie
Lauren Mangan
Nicole Clewer
Luiza Gaysina Gift-giving: A consumer-resource framework for understanding consumer gifting behaviour around gift cards in two capital cities, London and Moscow
Margret Stray-Pedersen
Keira Moulding
Adela Cragg
Ami Bowyer
Alice Namtvedt
Bethany Duckworth
Jessica Stride
Laurie Harris
Stephanie Hutchison
Charlotte Jones
Kevin Barclay Meek
Rachel Moore
Rebecca Clawson
Becky Lear
Emma Young
Ella Boorman
Alexandra Lukawiecka
Ismail El Yacoubi
Joshua Bae
Nader Nemer
Wantanee Chansawad
Lucy Speakman An exploration of the experiences of community respiratory nurses supporting patients who are breathless
Ms Helen Ayres Understanding the experiences of mental health nurses who have been assaulted by patients in secure settings
Ms Sally Bassett How Chief Nurses and their colleagues perceive the success of the Chief Nurse leadership role
Samantha Jane Donohue What is the experince of professional enjoyment in nursing?
Guy Curry
Helen Thompson
Rachel Hinton
Nishanthan Thisaveerasingam
Niall Plumb
Bethany North
Ian Mazonowicz
Jennie Clark
Scott Parker
Mark Dale
Alex Banister Designing the Domestic: Women’s Writing on Architecture and Design in Interwar Britain
Annika Toma
Simon Harris
Fawn Ostrer
Jada Leopold
Dr Camille Coudrat Ecology and conservation of docu monkeys (Pygathrix spp.) in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam: a comparative study
Deborah Wu
Wentao Han
Multi Sari
Sasha Coutinho
Nicole Pillinger Coaching in shared critical moments of medical consultations in the context of complex conditions
Matt Paine
Michelle Pugh
Lucy Victoria Richardson
Sarah-Jane Grace
Katherine Morton
Zoë Cheng
Daniel Newcombe The Environment Design Framework: Bridging the gap between the theoretical understanding and the practical application of constraints-led approach
Hannah Grimette
Madeleine Pearson
Flavia Marcocci
Brianna Walker
Marrisa Joseph
Daniele Ferranti
Gareth Ridley-DeMonick
Eleanor Hatch-Robertson
Cathinka Rokeberg
Clair Kilham
Kim Bowyer
Amana Karim
Hannah Buttimore
Maryam Mehmood
Lily Isabelle Graham-Stewart
Lois Morton
Abbie Clarke
Anna McGovern
Briony Farmer
Vajira Bandara
Georgia Walker
Brigitta Falcini
Marc Batt
Malika Talgat
Philly Alway
Mariya Baier
Martin Wikören Mogstad
Yasmin Marshall
Isobel Wilkinson Rippin
Michael Cini
Phil Duhamel
Rachel Davies
Teodora Budimir
Alex Lindsay
Vy Tran
Amy Walker
Imy Awan
Natalia Miteva
Harry Palmer
Poppy Houston
Jane Thick
Christina Stores
Adelaide Amissah
Lisa McDonald
Matthew Perryman
Sarah Stretton
Devon Robertson
Amber Scarborough
Jodie Evans
Katherine Skrzypiec
Becky Turner
Ryan Beard
Imogen Dunn
Sophie Jamieson
Meredith Sneddon
Dylan Williams
Michael Issitt
Grant Chapman-Clarke
Adam Donalson
Christine Kelly
Jihye Lee
Kimberly Clarke
Jack Davies
Lawrence DeSouza
Dennis R.S. Gabo
Joel Hare
Daisy Routley
Evan Schryver
Naoise Tan
Alenna Bradshaw
Chiu Yee Lim
Nicole Kapu
Mohmd Alassmari
Saad Almohammed Alrayes
Olga Chetverikova
Hussain Makhlooq
Felipe Romero Moreno
Graziely Souza
Daschle Silvano Pereira
Miriam Paureng
Evelien Pigeaud
Afia Bhatti
Aigerim Seitova
Rob Kuschel
Ryan Phillips
Caroline Powell
Marlon Shepard
Kirsty Archer
Rachael Hinton
Martha Sandford
Marcelo Honorio Campos
Sabina-Elena Filipescu
Mollie Clay
Ieva Vitolina
Libby Deakin