Elisabet Basford

Elisabet Basford


Email: 13096647@brookes.ac.uk

Thesis title: “…the impact that TAs can have on raising pupils’ achievement has to be located in the specific organisation dymnamic of each school.” (Brown and Devecchi (2013, p.17) An investigation into the management of the changing role of teaching assistants within a local authority

Start year: 2013


Research topic

My research follows on from my Masters thesis which explored the deployment of teaching assistants. Much of the limited research on teacher assistant deployment focuses on practical advice on deployment paradigms, there is very little material available to date which investigates the management responsibilities of teaching assistants (TAs). My research aims to explore how local authorities and senior leadership teams in schools are managing the role of TAs within the classroom setting.

In 2011, Blatchford, Russell and Webster produced the Effective Deployment of Teaching Assistants (EDTA) report, investigating models of TA deployment. In the document, they theorised that lack of training for teachers and cohesion in management may contribute to the reason why their global research of 2012 found that:

…the more support pupils received, the less progress they made.

Blatchford et al. (2012 : p.46)

The way in which TAs are deployment within the classroom setting is becoming increasingly important; a teacher’s ability to teach is now assessed against the effective management of adults in the classroom (Ofsted 2012).

My research will focus on management of TAs within two local authorities, examining how senior leadership teams manage the deployment and training of the TAs who work within their schools. The research will seek to examine if there is a cohesive strategy for this and explore links between TA management and pupil progress.


DISS report (2009), Teaching Assistant Deployment. Local Authority, EDTA report (2011)

General research interests

Education Policy, Teaching Assistant Deployment, Local Education Policy

Academic and professional training

  • Master of Arts, Special Education, Worcester University, Feb 2013
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Worcester University, July 2006
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), Business and French, Aston University, July 2000

Scholarships and prizes

National College for Teaching and Leadership, National Scholarship Fund, é3500 Award for PhD study