Documentation for approval panels

3.1 The Programme Development Team (PDT) must prepare the following documentation for submission to the programme approval panel:

  • Submission document (use template T2.6)For short courses, complete Part 1 of template T6.1
  • Programme specification (use template T2.7 in conjunction with guidance G2.2)
  • Module descriptors (use template T2.8)
  • Programme handbook (use either the handbook template issued by FHQAVs, or refer to guidance in T2.11A, as appropriate); for apprenticeships, use the student handbook template T2.11b and also provide an employer handbook using template T2.11C;
  • Any additional documentation required by a professional or (for collaborative provision) national accreditation body
  • For collaborative provision, Operations Manual (use template T5.5a or T5.5b) and summary staff CVs (template T5.9 may be used)
  • For collaborative provision, a site visit report should be provided for all delivery sites not visited during the approval event (use template T5.14)
  • For programmes which are to be delivered, in whole or substantial part by distance or e-learning, a selection of teaching materials must be provided, and a demonstration of the VLE included in the programme for the approval meeting. The specific requirements for demonstrations at individual events should be agreed in advance by the panel Chair and Officer with the Programme Lead, so that the panel is able to make a judgement on the learning experience that will be provided through the proposed mode of study
  • For new programmes which include existing modules, a Change Request form must be completed for any existing modules being amended for use in the new programme (use template T2.13)
  • Closure forms for any existing programmes being replaced by the new provision.


3.2 The Panel should also be provided with links to any websites containing contextual information relevant to the proposal (e.g. PSRB websites, subject/qualification benchmark statements, apprenticeship standards, etc); and with guidance note G2.3 on the conduct of approval panels.