Temporary agency staff

Before you seek a temp, do consider if an existing Brookes student might be able to do some or all of the work. The Careers Job Vacancy Portal is a commission free way to source your full-time vacancy need from our own students. Alternatively, if you are looking for part-time students, please contact Careers for further information.

The University has four contracted suppliers for agency staff, one supplier for each Lot (category) of staff which is broken down as follows:

  • Lot 1: Administrative roles
  • Lot 2: Ancillary roles (e.g Caretakers, Cleaners, Catering Assistants)
  • Lot 4: IT roles
  • Lot 5: Professional Services roles (Finance, Human Resources and Marketing)

This approach allows the University to work with approved agencies that are able to meet our specialist needs, whilst the pricing remains competitive. The suppliers on the list are suppliers that the University has contracts with, other suppliers can be used but this is on a case-by-case basis and Recruiting Managers need to contact Procurement for advice before contacting an agency not on listed on this webpage.

The below accordion indicates which Agency to use for which Lot of staff, as well as the Agency’s supplier number in E5.

Please click on the accordion below to find the relevant agency.

Manager top tips

  • Ensure that you quote the variable hours rate for hourly paid agency staff as the cost of annual leave is included in the fees charged by the agency and if you give the casual rate by mistake you will be paying for annual leave twice as the casual rate has annual leave rolled up into the hourly rate;
  • You should supply the Agency with an up to date job description or at least an outline of the roles and responsibilities of the position you require filling so they can assess candidates appropriately;
  • Please make sure you have raised a purchase order before you place the booking for your temp. The relevant supplier number as detailed above is all you need to raise a purchase order;
  • You will need to complete a Staff Request Form to obtain an employee number for your temp, which will enable them to access Brookes systems
  • On their first day, ensure your temp has a brief induction to key contacts, areas of work and immediate surroundings including fire exits and key facilities (e.g toilets, staff rooms, drink making facilities)
  • Ensure you approve your temp’s time sheet on a weekly basis so payment of their salary is guaranteed.
  • Parking - if your temporary member of staff is unable to use public transport to travel to work, they can request a temporary parking permit which they can pay for either on a weekly or monthly basis. To do this, they should email transport@brookes.ac.uk and copy you as the line manager in. They will need to detail the start and planned end date of their placement and the campus(es) they will be working at.