Reducing stress in the workplace – a guide for managers

The following guidance is based on the HSE Stress management standards and Robertson-Coopers Six Essentials for Wellbeing.  

It is essentially just ‘good management practice’ so you will hopefully recognise what follows from wider guidance on leadership and management.  It is set out here using the stress management framework for ease of reference to help you if you are thinking about how to reduce stress in the workplace and/or create a team-level action plan.

Your aim as a line manager:

Are there areas where you could improve?

Use the Team Action Plan template to make note of any areas where you could improve things in your team. This is a good opportunity to discuss things with the team and jointly come up with some ideas.

It might help to identify a few priority areas initially rather than develop a whole plan if that is too daunting and then come back and add to it once those areas are in hand.

If you feel that something is outside your control this should be raised with your own line manager. If you feel that you need some further support or training to help you in any of the areas listed discuss these as part of your own development needs with your line manager. There are relevant management development activities available.