Managers' responsibilities

Managers role and responsibilities in the prevention and management of Work-Related Stress

Managers should ensure that they have read and understood the University's Policy for the Prevention and Management of Work-Related Stress (WRS).

It includes a number of specific responsibilities in relation to the prevention and management of WRS.

Management Responsibilities

  • Conduct and implement recommendations of stress risk assessments within their areas.
  • Ensure good communication between management and staff, particularly where there are organisational and procedural changes.
  • Ensure staff are fully trained to discharge their duties.
  • Ensure staff are provided with meaningful developmental opportunities.
  • Consider workloads to ensure, as far as possible, that jobs are realistic and manageable and people are not overloaded.
  • Monitor working hours and overtime to ensure that staff are not overworking.
  • Monitor holidays to ensure that individuals take breaks and comply with working time legislation.
  • Attend training as requested in good management practice and health and safety.
  • Ensure that bullying and harassment is not tolerated.
  • Be vigilant and offer additional support to individuals experiencing stress outside work e.g., bereavement or separation.
  • Manage absence in accordance with the Absence Management Policy.

Reducing stress in the workplace

There is further information in the Manager guide to reducing stress in the workplace which includes an Action Plan template to use at team level.  Managers should periodically refer to the guidance especially if there are any concerns in relation to WRS in the team for example staff absence due to WRS, survey findings or other indications.

Managing work-related stress and supporting affected staff

Managers should seek to take a proactive approach to reducing stress in the workplace.  However, where an individual is adversely affected by work-related stress, managers need to take appropriate action and support the affected member of staff. 

Guidance can be found on the Actions to support staff webpage.  Further advice and guidance for managers is available from Occupational Health and the Employee Assistance Programme which includes a management consultancy service.