Online learning technology at Brookes

This page is designed to give you an introduction to some of the most commonly used technology at Brookes, but there is a lot more help available.

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Get to know what is available

This video provides a brief overview of Moodle and some of the Google suite of apps that you are likely to use every day. These include Google mail (for email), Google calendar (for organising your time). Google Drive (for organising files online) and Google meet (for online meetings).

Organise your files

Make sure you organise your files and folders carefully, so that you don’t lose documents on your computer or online. With Google Drive you can upload files from your computer, create new documents and organise everything into folders. Find out more about Google Drive and Google Docs (an online word processing app that is compatible with Word) by watching this video demonstration

Spend some time getting to know Moodle

Moodle is the starting point for much of the learning you will do at Brookes. Here you will find resources to get your learning started such as lecture slides, reading lists, assignment briefs, learning outcomes. Learning at university is an interactive process, so you will be expected to participate in online learning activities such as quizzes and discussion boards. Moodle is also where you go to submit assignments and get feedback. Moodle help resources will help you make the most of your virtual learning environment. 

Check email every day

If your lecturers or other staff at the University need to get in touch with you, it is likely that they will use email so you need to be online regularly. At Brookes we use Googlemail so you can log in to your email from any computer, or you can download the Gmail app to your phone.

Get Microsoft Office for free

Every year, we meet students who don’t use things like Word and PowerPoint because they are expensive but as a Brookes student, you get it for free!

Explore assistive technology

If you have a specific learning difficulty and would like to explore how assistive technology can help you, then Wellbeing colleagues may be able to help. 

Make the most of Zoom

The use of online learning technology is increasing and large classes may be delivered online. Brookes normally uses Zoom for online classes. Many students say it's more distracting to learn online, but thinking about what you want to get from the sessions and actively participating in the class may make focussing easier. See our guide that has a short video introducing the basics of Zoom and strategies to get the most from online classes.

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