Religious observance

  • Exams take place from Monday to Saturday with start times at 10:00, 14:00 or 17:30. Exam session dates are given 3 years in advance.  

    Students whose religious practice prevents them for taking specific exams must register for religious observance by Friday of Week 3. If possible, we will timetable around your needs.

    How to apply

    Step 1 Ask your minister or faith leader to provide a letter stating that you are a practising member of the faith and that the request is to accommodate your belief as you have normally practised it. The letter should briefly explain what the belief requires us to do to accommodate you.
    Step 2 Complete the Online Religious Observance Application Form, making sure you have provided all details. 
    Step 3 Send the letter from your minister or faith leader to the exams office.
    Step 4 You will be emailed to confirm that your registration has been approved. We will attempt to timetable the exams to fit your requirements but we cannot guarantee this.
    Step 5 Check you exam timetable once it is published to ensure that your requirements have been met. If we have been unable to accommodate your request then you will need to make a change of exam date application.
    Step 6 We will email you to confirm any other special arrangements we have made to accommodate your beliefs.