Money and banks

 Alert Make sure you have enough money for your first few weeks in the UK and check that you have a payment card that can be used in the UK, as it may take some time before your British bank account is set up. More information below.

Opening a bank account

What you need to know:
  • You must have a UK address before you can open a bank account.
  • You must have an Attendance Certificate with your local address on. You can only download an Attendance Certificate once you have completed your enrolment at Oxford Brookes (including the Right to Study Checks).
  • Students in Oxford Brookes accommodation can get a proof of address letter by emailing
  • It generally take 2-3 weeks, sometimes a bit longer, to open a bank account.
  • In most cases you will need to visit the branch in person after providing information online.
  • If you have to self-isolate, make sure you have a payment card that can be used for online orders in the UK.

Most international students (from both the EU and from outside the UK) can open a basic account. Talk to your own bank before you leave home, as they may have a special arrangement with a UK bank.

Banks in Oxford

You can find below some information about a few accounts available to international students that you can open in Oxford bank branches. This is not an exhaustive list. Make sure you do some research before you select and apply for a bank account. More detailed information can be found in our International Students' Getting Started Guide.


91 London Road

Metro Bank

4-5 Queen Street


54 Cornmarket Street


Santander House


65 Cornmarket Street


1-5 High Street

Currency cards

It can take some time to open a bank account, so make sure you have enough money for your first couple of weeks in the UK

Consider whether you would like to get a pre-paid currency card/multicurrency account with a digital banking company such as Revolut, TransferWise, or Unizest which enables you to access money abroad without expensive fees – a good option while you wait for your UK account to be set up.

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