• Returning from Approved Temporary Withdrawal

    You should start planning 4 months before your current visa expires, but you can’t make your visa application more than 3 months before travelling to the UK. Please do not request your CAS just before you are expecting module results as the results may affect the end date of your course. 

    Step 1

    Check all the modules you need to do to complete your course are on your Student Information portal and that your course end date is correct. Your programme must be correct in order for your CAS to be issued. Follow the 2 steps below:

    1. For help with your programme, email your Support Coordinators for your Faculty. You will then know which modules you will need to add to complete your programme.

    2. If you are on Approved Temporary Withdrawal, you will not be able to add the modules yourself. Please email your Student Support Coordinators to help with this. Please bear in mind it will take time to sort your programme so please give yourself plenty of time. If you have problems liaising with your SSC, please contact ISAT.

    Step 2

    Make sure you have the right documents for your visa application. It is extremely important that you check the financial requirement carefully and give yourself plenty of time to get these ready.

    Step 3

    Fill in the  visa information form and email it to the International Student Advice team (ISAT), isat@brookes.ac.uk, along with: 

    Step 4

    After you receive the CAS from the International Student Compliance Team, follow our guidance on making your visa application outside of the UK.

    If you have any questions about the process, please contact ISAT.

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