Financial evidence for a Student visa application

  • Money you need to have

    My course is more than 9 months:

    Tuition fees for the academic year (minus fees you have already paid)* + £9,207 for living costs.*For example, if your tuition fees for a 1 year course are £14,880 and you have paid £1,000 deposit, you would need to show £14,880 - £1,000 + £9,207 = £23,007.

    My course is less than 9 months:

    Tuition fees for the course (minus any fees you have paid) + £1,023 for living costs for each month of the course.

    If you have paid Oxford Brookes money for accommodation, you can subtract up to £1,334 from your total.

    All students will need to prepare financial evidence as detailed below.

    If you are one of the countries listed under the ‘differential evidence requirement’ (see below) you do not need to provide proof you have the funds with your visa application. However, you must ensure you have the funds in place and your documents meet the UKVI requirements as the UKVI might still ask you to provide the evidence before you get your visa decision.

    Australia, Bahrain, Barbados, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America. Plus EU/EEA/Switzerland.

    Students who are applying for permission to stay in the UK, and have been in the UK for at least 12 months with valid permission on the date of application do not need to show financial evidence to get their CAS or for their visa application.

    What evidence can you provide?

  • 1. Bank statement or bank letter

    Your financial documents must show that the full amount of money you need to show has been in the account for 28 consecutive days up to the date of the closing balance. This account must not have dropped below the amount that you need to show at any time during the 28 day period.

    The final date of the 28 day period must not be more than 31 days old on the date that you submit your application.

    Your personal bank or building society statements must include the following information:

    • your name or your parent’s/legal guardian’s name or a joint account you hold with someone else
    • the account can be in the name of the applicant’s partner who is applying for entry clearance or permission to stay at the same time or has been granted permission
    • the account number
    • the financial institution’s name and logo
    • transactions and the balance at the end of each transaction 
    • information about the bank, such as contact details or branch code
    • the date of the statement
    • it must be on official stationery and be printed or electronic.

    A letter from a financial institution should normally include similar information, although it may confirm the balance and the length of time held rather than providing a record of transactions. It should be on headed paper and signed by an official from the financial institution.

    Example bank statement   Example bank letter

    Can I use more than one bank account? 

    Yes, but they would need to cover the same 28 consecutive day period. The total amount you need to show for each day (tuition fees + living costs) when adding together the total for each day over the different accounts, must not drop below the required amount over any of the 28 days.

    2. Official Financial Sponsorship

    You can only receive official financial sponsorship from:

    • your home government
    • an international company 
    • an international organisation
    • the UK Government
    • the British Council
    • a university
    • a UK independent school.

    If your financial sponsor is only covering some of your course fees or living costs, you must show that you have the rest of the money needed.

    If you are being given Official Financial Sponsorship, you must provide a letter of confirmation:

    This letter must be on official letter-headed paper or stationery of the your financial sponsor and must have the official stamp of that organisation on it. The letter must show:

    • your name
    • the name and contact details of your official financial sponsor
    • the date of the letter
    • the length of your sponsorship
    • the amount of money the sponsor is giving to you or a statement that your official financial sponsor will cover all of your fees and living costs.

    If you are applying with dependants, then their names must also be on the letter.

    If you are no longer being sponsored but were sponsored before and your financial sponsorship ended within 12 months of your application being made, you will need your sponsor’s permission to stay in or re-enter the UK. You must provide us with your financial sponsor’s unconditional consent in writing. This must confirm that your sponsor has no objection to you continuing your studies in the UK. If your financial sponsor does not give consent, we will refuse the application.

    3. Educational Loan Scheme

    • The financial institution must be regulated by either the Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulatory Authority or, in the case of overseas accounts, by the home regulator (the official regulatory body for the country the financial institution is in and where the money is held) for the purpose of student loans.
    • You cannot use educational loans held in the name of your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) as evidence of money held by you.
    • There must be no conditions placed on the release of the loan funds to you, other than your Student visa application being successful.

    You must have a letter from the regulated financial institution confirming the educational loan scheme.

    The loan letter from a regulated financial institution that you send us must be dated no more than 6 months before the date of your application. The letter must clearly show:

    • the loan is part of an educational loan 'scheme' and not just an educational loan.
    • the loan is in your name 
    • the date of the letter
    • the financial institution’s name and logo
    • the money available as a loan
    • the funds will be available to the applicant before they travel, or paid directly to the student sponsor before travelling to the UK with the living cost portion of the loan being made available to the applicant by the time they arrive in the UK
    • that the loan is provided by your national government, their state or regional government, a government sponsored student loan company or is part of an academic or educational loans scheme

  • You must provide 2 additional documents:

    • Your birth certificate showing the names of your parent(s)/legal guardian(s
    • A letter that confirms your relationship with your parents and that they have given you their permission to use their funds to study in the UK

    Example parental consent letter

    If you do not have a birth certificate, the UKVI will also accept acertificate of adoption showing names of both parent(s) or legal guardian(s); or a Court document naming your legal guardian(s). The document used must be the original legal document or a notarised copy.

    You can use cash funds held in:

    • a personal bank or building society account (including current, deposit, savings, pensions from which the funds can be withdrawn, or an investment account) provided the funds can be accessed immediately
    • held in an account belonging to the applicant, their partner (ONLY if they are applying for permission at the same time or have been granted permission),
    • the account of a parent or legal guardian (except for dependant partners)

    You cannot use:

    • an overdraft
    • an account where the funds cannot be accessed immediately (including pension funds), or financial instruments such as stocks and shares, bonds, credit cards
    • an account of any relative except your parent’s bank account
    • a statement showing yours or your parent's salary
    • a company bank account
    • a friend's bank account


    Yes, if you do not have enough funds using one method of finance, you are able to use a combination of the above.
    Certificates of deposits can be used to evidence funds if the document is issued by a bank which confirms that an individual has deposited or invested a sum of money, held it for the required 28 day period, and that the applicant can access the funds at any time.

    You can use originals or copies of your financial documents.

    All financial documents submitted for your visa application must be on the letter-headed paper or show the organisations name and logo.

    Any document that is not issued in English (or Welsh) must be officially translated. The translation document must include the following:

    • the translator/translation company’s contact details
    • confirmation that it is an accurate translation of the original document
    • the name and original signature of the translator or an authorised official of the translation company
    • the date of the translation

    If you are applying inside the UK, you must also provide details of the professional translator/translation company’s credentials.
    If you are outside the UK, the translation must be able to be independently verified by the Home Office.

    You should use the OANDA currency converter rates on the day of making your application as this is what the UKVI use.
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